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by Bernard J Taylor

Now playing : 'Wild Talk Of Vampires'

"Nosferatu is dark and sombre yet with an inherent beauty - eerie, ethereal and passionate. The real fascination proves
to be the depth and grandeur of the abundance of
haunting melodies ... Bernard J. Taylor has once again displayed his exceptional talent."

Masquerade Magazine


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A sung-through rock opera inspired by the classic black and white silent film of the same name - the first movie ever made of the Dracula story.

While following the general storyline and feel of the first ever Dracula movie, the vampire in this adaptation is a much more tragic figure than the creature generally portrayed in the countless Dracula films and other cinematic portrayals of vampires that followed. Bernard J Taylor has taken two basic elements - the tragic and the redemptive - and embroidered on them considerably, taking the story as far as possible from the Dracula that most people have come to know, deliberately avoiding any reference to 'Dracula'. The creature is referred to only by the name 'Nosferatu', an old Romanian word meaning 'undead'.

The most significant difference between this version and others of this tale is that the vampire dies because, like Galahad discovering the Holy Grail in the Arthurian legend, he wants to die at this point, for life no longer holds anything more for him. In effect he is redeemed by the purity of Mina, who is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of others.

Nosferatu has here been given the background of a man who began his adult life as a scientist and philosopher, the product of a noble household, who became cynical and disillusioned when he failed to find any meaning to his life.


Principals (4m, 2f)
  Nosferatu - a man with bat-like ears and long tapering fingers with extended fingernails
  Jonathan Harker - young, handsome, idealistic
  Mina - young, sweet and innocent, but strong-willed underneath
  Renfeld - middle-aged, paunchy
  Van Helsing - intellectual
  Lucy - Mina's friend
Support (5m, 8f, 5m/f plus chorus)
  Innkeeper - fat and jovial
  Sirens x3
  Prioress, Sister of Mercy - small solo with Jonathan
  Inn Guest - baritone, one song with chorus
  Gossips x 5 - (m/f), one group song together ('Ship of the Dead')
  Woman #1 and Men #1 & #2 - small solos in 'Pestilence'
  Women #2, 3 & 4 and Men #3 & #4 - one song with chorus ('Waiting for the Light')
  Chorus of townsfolk, people at inn


  1) Overture & Prologue Orchestra
  2) Wild Talk Of Vampires Van Helsing
  3) Somewhere At The Edges Of Creation Nosferatu
  4) Unspoken Thoughts Jonathan & Mina
  5) Mixed Feelings Mina, Jonathan &Lucy
  6) Opportunity Renfeld & Jonathan
  7) Disturbed Mina & Jonathan
  8) Night Nosferatu
  9) Wherever You Are Mina & Jonathan
10) And Sheep Shall Not Safely Graze Renfeld
11) The Miller's Song Inn Guest & Chorus
12) Don't Go! Jonathan, Innkeeper & Chorus
13) Nosferatu's Welcome Nosferatu & Jonathan
14) So Young Nosferatu & Jonathan
15) I Cannot Sleep Mina & Lucy
16) Temptation Sirens, Mina & Jonathan
17) Blasphemy Lucy, Mina & Chorus
18) Nature's Symmetry Renfeld
19) Excuse Me While I Disappear Van Helsing & Nosferatu
~~ Interval ~~  
20) A Lot To Fear Van Helsing
21) Ship Of The Dead Gossips x 5
22) Seduction Nosferatu & Mina
23) What Is Happening To Me? Nosferatu
24) Am I Awake? Mina
25) Pestilence Woman #1, Men #1 & #2, Van Helsing & Chorus
26) Contempt Renfeld & Nosferatu
27) Sacrifice Van Helsing & Mina
28) If I Do It ... Mina
29) Refuge Jonathan & Prioress
30) Come To Me Nosferatu
31) Poor Wretched Man Mina & Nosferatu
32) Worms Feed On My Brains Renfeld
33) Waiting For The Light Women #2, #3 & #4, Men #3 & #4
34) The Point Of Singularity Nosferatu
35) The Girl I Left Behind Mina & Jonathan
36) Reconciliation Mina & Jonathan
37) The Coming of The Light (Finale) Mina, Jonathan & Chorus

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