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by Stephanie Jayne Amies

Now playing : 'Am I Crazy?' 

"A dark jewel of a show, a very strongly recommended must-see."
Matthew Scott, Head of Music, National Theatre


'Lillia' - dramatic musical by Stephanie Jayne Amies about multiple personality disorder

Lillia is an original musical with book, music and lyrics by young composer and lyricist Stephanie Jayne Amies. The show was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 and was nominated for two MTM:UK awards for ‘Best Music’ and ‘Best New Musical’. At the pre-Edinburgh previews, Lillia was described by those who saw it as: “truly moving”, “intense”, “a 5-star show that I can’t wait to see again!”, “striking”, “powerful”, “grippingly disorientating” and “cleverly written”. Once in Edinburgh the show was very well received and was congratulated on being fresh and innovative in its style and content.

The plot follows the life of three individuals, Lillia, (a twenty-two year old accounts clerk in a bank who lives a quiet, sheltered life with her over-bearing but well meaning mother); Mya, (a fiery, assertive and seductive twenty one year old actress) and Aidan, (a lively but protective eleven year old boy). A misunderstanding in a ‘cabaret-style’ bar leads the three characters down a fateful path where, with an unexpected and chilling twist, they discover that their lives are intricately and irreversible entwined.

'Lillia' - dramatic musical by Stephanie Jayne Amies about multiple personality disorderLillia’s dark centre explores the depths of a rare psychological disorder, its affect on its victim and the impact it has on ordinary lives. It considers the human mind as both a person’s best friend and their worst enemy while constantly blurring the line between fantasy and reality. The show considers human psyche and raises questions about the point where the human mind turns disorder into order and sickness into health. The music winds its way between fun uplifting numbers and achingly beautiful ballads and the ensemble provides rich and atmospheric harmonies throughout the show that enhance the tension and emotion as the show builds and unravels to its disturbing revelation.

With its effective simplicity and imaginative originality, this show is one of a kind. Its inspired and stirring writing provides a surprisingly accurate and heartfelt representation of mental illness that will leave you wondering to what extent you can completely trust your own mind.


Principals (3m, 4f)
 Lillia Brooks - 22, quiet, an accounts clerk in a bank
 Mya - 21, fiery, assertive, an actress
 Aidan - 11, lively, protective
 Elsie Brooks - Lillia's mother, overbearing, well-meaning
 Taylor Cotsen - mid-20's, befriends and falls in love with Lillia
 Luke Gray - mid 20's, befriends and falls in love with Mya
 Doctor (f) - a psychologist
Support (2m, 1f, 1m/f)
 William -Lillia's ex-fiance
 Policeman - small speaking role only (could be doubled with William)
 Keira/Keiran (m/f) - Manager of the Black Rose Cabaret Bar
 Susan - 20, another bank accounts clerk
NOTE : Members of the company form and sing ensemble numbers as required


  1) Distant Echo William
  2) Another Day Lillia, Mya, Aiden & Ensemble
  3) He Wasn't There Lillia
  4) Once More Lillia
  5) In That Moment Mya & Ensemble
  6) That Kind Of Guy Luke
  7) I Never Want To Let Her Go Elsie
  8) Victim Of Deceit Taylor & Ensemble
  9) Am I Crazy? Lillia & Ensemble
10) This Little Girl Elsie
11) I Don't Know That Girl Taylor, Luke & Ensemble
12) You Are The Reason William & Lillia
13) Mama Was Right Lillia & Mya
14) Invincible Aidan & Ensemble
15) A Mother's Lament Female Soloist
16) Never Felt The Rain Mya, Lillia & Elsie
17) Across The Miles Lillia & Ensemble

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