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Princess Diana

by Karen Sokolof Javitch & Elaine Jabenis

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Princess Diana, the musical
... a story about self-discovery,
making mistakes and finding answers ...

"... a love story gone awry..."

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Princess Diana, the musical'Diana, the musical' tells the story of Charles and Diana; focussing on their courtship, their marriage and her relationship with her children and the rest of the Royal Family. The musical culminates with her divorce, but ends at the time of her funeral. As the musical progresses it portrays the evolution of the young Diana into the intelligent, mature woman who, becomes arguably the most famous, (certainly one of the most famous), women in the world.

The show begins with Princess Diana singing part of the song, 'There Was A Time' - a love song about her relationship with Charles. After this poignant moment, the action moves back in time to start when the seventeen year old Lady Diana Spencer meets Prince Charles at his thirtieth birthday party. Here we also meet the other key players - the senior Royals (The Queen, Prince Philip and The Queen Mother). Charles is upset because his parents are applying pressure in order to get him married off to a suitable young woman. Although Diana 'fancies' him, they don't go out together until they meet again at a barbecue after eighteen months.

Princess Diana, the musicalFrom this point on the story is well known: the romance, the wedding, the unexpectedly cold welcome into the Royal Family, her inability to accept starchy tradition, his desperation for someone to be a future Queen, her desperation to be a loved and loving wife. Camilla is briefly seen but not heard at the start of the musical, and though her presence throughout is felt, it is not explicit - manifesting itself solely in the words, deeds and thoughts that Charles and Diana share.

Princess Diana, the musicalThe musical has a bias towards Diana - it tells her story - but it is not by any means overly critical of the Royal Family. Diana is shown throughout in a warm light, but Charles and the senior Royal Family are not portrayed as the 'villains of the peace'. They are seen more as people with various expectations and needs which are either too rigidly enforced, or not sufficiently explained to others. In the end one is left feeling sorry at the situation in which all the participants find themselves.

That being said, the musical is a celebration of her life and the songs reflect that diversity. There are over 30 songs, ranging in their content from inspirational through comedic to romantic, with humour, laughter, excitement, adoration, fun, jealousy, love and much more expressed in the songs. The ballad that will bring tears to the eyes of all Princess Diana lovers is "There Was A Time", which re-iterates the fact that whilst she loved Prince Charles there are doubts that he ever loved her.

Princess Diana, the musical


Principals (2m, 6f)
  Princess Diana - ages from 17-36
  Prince Charles - ages from 30-49
  Queen Elizabeth
  Prince Philip
  The Queen Mother
  Jane - Diana's older sister
  Sarah - Diana's older sister
  Fergie - Sarah Ferguson, Diana's future sister-in-law
Juvenile Principals (2m)
  Prince William - ages from 10-15
  Prince Harry - ages from 8-13
Support - Speaking & Singing (4m, 5f, 4m/f)
  Carolyn - aged 19, Diana's flatmate

  Virginia - aged 19, Diana's flatmate

  Anne - aged 19, Diana's flatmate
  Victor - her fashion designer
  Dudley - her hat designer
  Beauty Editor - female
  Fashion Editor - female
  Photographer - male
  Michael - Prince Charles' butler/attendant
  'They Say' People - 4-6 people (recite tabloid information and have one song)
Support - Speaking Only (2m, 2f, 1m/f)
  Lord Mountbatten
  Salon Assistant - female
  Danny - MC at Theatre
  Daphne - dress assistant
  Nurse - at Children's hospital (male or female)
Juvenile Supporting Cast
  Overseas Youth - 6-8 teenagers (sing and dance, double as Hospital Children)
  Hospital Children - 8-12 young people/teenagers (8 small speaking roles)
Support - Chorus & Small Solo's
  Maids & Butlers - 6-8 people (sing and dance)
  Paparazzi - 6-8 people (sing and dance)
  Birthday Party Guests - full chorus
  Wedding Guests - full chorus
  London People - half of full chorus (inc Young Women : 1 x solo + group of 4-6)
  Overseas People - 5 groups, 3 small solo's
  Theatre Medley - full chorus (inc 6-8 dancers + Young Women as above)
  Shoo-wop Girls - 3 singers/dancers
  Waiters x 2- male
  Girl #1 and #2 - one verse each in the Finale


  1) There Was A Time (Part) Diana
  2) He's Such A Man (Part) Diana
  3) Buckingham Palace Chorus (Maids & Butlers)
  4) It's Gonna Be! Birthday Party Guests
  5) Just Once Charles, The Queen, Philip & Queen Mum
  6) In My Life Charles & Diana
  7) He's Such A Man Diana, Charles, Carolyn, Anne, Virginia & Michael
  8) In This Lifetime Charles & Diana
  9) Now That He's In Love With Me Diana
10) The Whole Worlds' Spinning Around Me Diana, Victor, 2 x Editors, Sarah & Photographer
11) Suspicion Diana, Jane & Sarah
12) It's Gonna Be! (Reprise) Wedding Guests (but not Royals)
13) One Of England's Moments Wedding Guests (including the Royals)
14) Now That She's Married To Him Sarah, Jane & Fergie
15) He's Such A Man (Reprise) Diana & Charles
16) Charles, I Need Help, Please Diana & Charles
17) Everything Happens In London Chorus (London People)
18) We Want To Be Like You Chorus (London People - Young Girls/ Women)
19) She's The Star! Diana, Charles, The Queen, Philip & Queen Mum
20) Are You Thinking Of Me? Diana
21) Diana Charles & Diana
22) Theatre Medley Danny & Chorus (Theatre Medley)
23) Just Once (Reprise) Charles & Diana
~~ Interval ~~  
24) Medley Of Nations Chorus (Overseas People & Overseas Youth)
25) Phenomenon! The Queen, Philip, Queen Mum & Charles
26) Charles, Diana, Harry & William 'They Say' People
27) Diana, You've Got Style Victor, Dudley, 2 x Editors, Shoo-wop Girls
28) Hello, Phillie! The Queen & Philip
29) Forever And Always Fergie
30) Leave Her Alone Fergie, Diana & Paparrazzi
31) Hope In My Heart Diana, William, Harry & Hospital Children
32) I'm Not The Little Kid I Used To Be William & Diana
33) The Things We Do For England The Queen, Queen Mum, Philip, Charles, Diana & Fergie
34) There Was A Time Diana & Charles
35) Finale William, Harry & Full Chorus
36) Curtain Calls (Hope In My Heart) Company

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