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Our office is open for one day per week until further notice
and we are currently unable to fulfil orders for Printed Scripts and items despatched on USB Sticks.

We've been open throughout the pandemic dealing with its ramifications, and we're going to take a break until things change regarding theatre.
All aspects of our operation will be affected:
Quotations, Licensing, Sales, and General Enquiries. Please be patient if we take a long time to respond.



We have a small range of religious and christmas musicals for both adult and young actors.

General Religious


None available

Christmas Religious

Angel Squadron - modern nativity musical

Angel Squadron

ONE or TWO ACT Principals : 6m, 3f, 3m/f Support : 5m, 11m/f  ~~ Alternative Nativity ~~
A very modern Nativity telling the Christmas story from the point of view of the angels. Given that the style used is something of a homage to the 'Battle of Britain' type films prevalent in the 1960s it's something that boys in particular can enjoy. The premise of this musical is that the angel squadrons are carrying out secret missions briefed by the Supreme Commander. It takes place at the angels ‘airfield’ and on earth, in and around Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth.
The Cool Yule Mule - a modern nativity

The Cool Yule Mule

TWO ACT Principals : 3m, 2f  Support : 7m, 5f, 13m/f & Chorus ~~ Alternative Nativity ~~
Meet Max, the smooth-talkin' mule who just lurves the open road. When he's bought by Big Joe, the carpenter, he's hoping adventure lies ahead. But, he's about to get a lot more than he bargained for as he becomes part of the greatest story ever told. So, saddle up and enjoy the ride as Max meets some extremely bizarre characters including a homesick horse, a diva donkey and a hippie sheep! This fun-packed Christmas story will keep you laughing and tapping your feet all the way. This alternative nativity features a large cast, a great selection of original music and there's not a tea-towel in sight!