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by Sarah Corbett, Phil Corbett & Andy Durham



AD79 - a musical about the fall of PompeiiA historical musical where the audience knows the inevitable cataclysmic ending before the curtain even rises! AD 79 is the story of the lives and loves, dreams and schemes of the citizens of Roman Pompeii just prior to the earth shattering events that would leave the town forever frozen in time.

Set in the days leading up to the fateful eruption of Mount Vesuvius, we follow the dealings of Benitus, a slippery politician with his eye on the senate, his wife Valeria, a self-important bully, and his secretary Herculus, a man with a hidden agenda. We meet a young slave couple on the verge of their freedom, and the kindly family of Claudius, a successful local merchant.

We also follow the daily intrigue around the town’s markets and olive bar, where many of the town’s citizens meet up, including the enigmatic ex-soldier Octavius, who is suspiciously interested in Benitus (and his fortune), and Julia, a pregnant girl with a secret. Thrown into this mix are a pair of smart dogs and a sinister, shadowy figure - Death. He appears at the appropriate moment, to 'collect' those whose time has come.

AD79 - a musical about the fall of PompeiiAD79 - a musical about the fall of PompeiiAnd, come August 24th, all are caught up in the terrifying events that would leave the town of Pompeii buried under ashes for the next 1500 years.

This musical has a fresh, innovative feel to it, and is ideal for teenage or adult actors alike. With twelve super songs and plenty of chorus work, AD79 has been performed to great effect and acclaim.


  Male Dog - a stray, stands up to talk when no humans are about, drops to all fours otherwise
  Female Dog (Iris) - similar actions to Male Dog. Lives with Claudius's family
  Benitus - a local politician, not averse to underhand or illegal methods of persuasion
  Valeria - his wife; a scheming, manipulative, pampered person
  Stephanus - a city shopkeeper
  Maria - his wife
  Julia - a young lady, in love with and made pregnant by Benitus
  Octavius - a demobbed soldier, knows where Benitus keeps his money - and how to get it
  Death - invisible to most until just before their time has come. A male or female character
  Helvius - a male slave, offered his freedom by Claudius, his Master
  Ceia - a female slave, in love with Helvius but works for Benitus
Supporting Cast
  Julius - another demobbed soldier, Octavius's long-time friend
  Claudius - a wealthy merchant
  Marcella - his wife
  Claudia - teenage daughter of Claudius and Marcella
  Jana - a younger teenage daughter of Claudius and Marcella
  Herculus - secretary to Benitus, plots with Octavius to steal Benitus's money
  Decimus - an old man who senses approaching doom
  Male Residents : Agostus, Nicodemus
  Female Residents : Petronia, Massima, Quinta, Paola, Pietra and Lucretia
  Chorus of Residents, Slaves etc


  1) Gaudiamus Igitur (Let Us Rejoice) Chorus
  2) The Soldiers Song Octavius (with Julius and small chorus)
  3) I Can Wait Julia
  4) A Partly Political Broadcast Benitus and Octavius
  5) Song Of Freedom Helvius and Ceia
  6) Pressure Rising Chorus (2 groups - Hard Corps & Lava Louts)
~~ Interval ~~
  7) Time Moves On Solo (any cast member)
  8) The Cross I Have To Bear Valeria and Julia
  9) The Sky Falls Down Full Cast with solo (any cast member)
10) Bring Out The Dead Death (with male chorus)
11) Crossing The River Octavius, Dogs, Helvius/Ceia, Benitus & Chorus
12) The Roll Call Full Cast (with optional solo parts)


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