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The Girl Who Saved Christmas

by Paul Alexander, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles

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Musical Theatre: 'The Girl Who Saved Christmas' by Paul Alexander, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles



Holly Ivers, the new girl at Clement Clark Moore Juniors, is having trouble fitting in - even when she joins the cast of the school panto Peter Pan to try and make friends.

But when the real Captain Hook appears and vows that, to rid the world of pantos portraying him as an idiot, he intends to abolish Christmas by destroying Father Christmas himself, Holly is plunged into a crazy musical adventure!

Deputised by an injured Tinkerbell to save Christmas, and given 'Bell's magical fairy dust - which she has no idea how to use - Holly and school nerd Dev conjure up a mystic portal and travel through it to the North Pole to rescue Santa Claus...

...but they arrive to find Hook has already befriended Santa by masquerading as a 'life-coach' and promising to send the stressed-out Claus on a once-in-a-lifetime 'dream holiday' - to New Zealand!

Holly and Dev try to convince Santa and the Elves that what Hook's planning really IS a 'once in a lifetime' holiday – because Santa will never make it back alive! But Santa won’t believe them and, on Hook's advice, he locks up Holly and Dev – allowing Hook to push Santa out to sea all alone in a rowboat which he has convinced Santa is a 'boutique cruise ship'!

Imprisoned in the Dungeon of Defective Toys, Holly must team up with mean girl Lulu and, with the help of some fairydust and a broken smartphone, escape to confront Hook - and save the entire world from the horror of having to celebrate 'Hookmas' next year!

'The Girl Who Saved Christmas' is a hilarious family show with insanely catchy songs, dancing elves, mean girls, magic, a hissable villain and a positive message about coming together and embracing our differences to conquer fear and doubt. Plus: jokes!

Check back soon - we're not quite ready to publish, but we'll gladly give you a royalties quotation and get your name down in the queue for licences!