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Writers (A-M)


Adler, Rosalind Prince Of Hearts Play 2

Adler, Warren The War Of The Roses Play 2

Amies, Stephanie Jayne Lillia Musical 1 or 2

Amor, Deborah Tinsel Play 2

Apps, Roy & Wortley, Chris The Fang Gang Musical (Young Cast) 2

Arnold, John & Overton, David Take Twelve Musical 2

Attwood, Kathryn Lady Susan Play 2
  The Locked Room Play 2

Barnes, David & Leon, David Wild Allegations Play 1

Barrow, Colin Passion Wagon Play 2

Bartlett, John Ali Baba Pantomime 2
  Babes In The Wood Pantomime 2
  Flumes And Fumes Play 1
  Hansel And Gretel Pantomime 2
  "In Comes I ..." Mummers Plays -
  Lumley Mill Play with music 2
  Slap And Tickle At The Pig And Whistle Play 1
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Sunshine Mountain Play with music 2
  The Village Hall Play 4x1

Bauske, Kris Whispers To The Moon Play 2

Bean, Stephen A Little Box Of Oblivion Play 1
  A Quiet Life Play 1
  Fate's Thread Play 1
  Like Us Play 1
  Peter Pantelyne, Esq Play 1

Beattie, Steven K All That We Seem Play 2

Bettridge, Ian Aladdin Pantomime 2
  Babes In The Wood Pantomime 2
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2
  Puss In Boots Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Pantomime 2

Bond & Burnett Boys Own McBeth Musical 2

Brett, Simon Quirks Play 1
  Sat Love Play 1
  Stake-Out Play 1
  Vegetable Play 1

Bridges, Stephen & Bannister, Noel Reality, the musical Musical 2

Bright, Tom Aladdin Pantomime 2
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2
  Sinbad The Sailor Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2

Broadhead, Nick Altered Egos Play 2
  Stopped Interrupting Play 2
  Tie Break Play 2

Brockway, Sally Young Souls Play 1

Browne, Jeremy &
     Reame-James, Milton
Maria Marten Play with Music 2

Burgess, Chris & Wright, Denise Emerald Musical 2

Butler, Roger Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Pantomime 2

Cafarella, Jane e-baby Play 2
  Supersnout Play 1

Cook, Ian & Newton, Ian The Best Man Musical 2
  The Reunion Musical 2

Chambers, Chris The Seagull (Chekov, a modern adaptation) Play 2
Chambers, Chris & Rapps, Andy Gulliver's Travels Musical 2

Christie, Craig & Patterson, Andrew Do Or Die Musical 2
  The White Rose Musical 2

Collier, Graham Stay'd For Play 1

Corbett, Sarah AD79 Musical (Young Cast) 2

Crawshaw, Tom Play On Words Play 1
  Reverie Play 1

Cronshaw, Bill Dancing With Auntie Play 1 or 2
  Free And Easy Jukebox Musical 2
  I'll Be Bert Play 1 or 2

Cross, Adrian & Haynes, Simon Rock Apocalypse Musical 2

Darby, Bryan Gold, Frankincense And Murder Play 2
  Something To Hide Play 1
  Three-Quarter Moon Play 2

Dealey, Maggie A Woman Of Uncertain Age Play 1
  Butter Side Up Play 1

Dobson, Liz Such A Blessing Play 1
  Walk A Mile In My Shoes Play 1

Donohue, Darren Voices In The Rubble Play 1

Emmans, Les The Audition Musical 1

English, Jon & McKay, David Paris Musical 2

Felton, Jack Bedlam Play 1

Fletcher, John & Chapman, David King David Musical 2
  Threads Musical 2

Forde, Adam & Perkins, David Arabian Nights Musical (Young Cast) 2
  The Wind In The Willows Musical 2

Foster, Christine The Death Of Me Play 2

Gibb, Mike Children Of The Sea Play 2
  Doorways In Drumorty Play
  Giacomo & Glover Play

Gilbert, WS & Sullivan, Sir Arthur The Mikado Musical 2
(Essgee's Australian versions)
The Pirates Of Penzance Musical 2

Gledhill, Shari Huff Puff Play 1
  Last Chance Saloon Play 1

Glover, Kate Queen Anne Play 2

Godfrey, Adam Humpty Dumpty Pantomime 2
  Little Bo-Peep Pantomime 2

Goy, Chris Crazy Capers, Dodgy Deals Musical 2

Greenstone, Danny Over The Gate Play 2

Hampshire, David Moments In Life (3 x Anthologies) Short Plays 1

Harding, Caroline Two Sisters Play 1

Heath, Tim Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure At Sir Arthur Sullivan's
Play 2

Hilliard, Jane Thank You, Mr Dickens! Play 2
  The Boobytrap Play 2

Hills, Richard Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2

Hines, David Class Of 77 Musical 2

Hinks, Gerry Confessions Of Honour Play 2

Hoberman, Phillip J The Revolutionaries Play 2

Hodges, David Star Crossed Musical (Young Cast) 2

Holcroft, Thomas He's Much To Blame Play 2

Humfress, Steve & Rapps, Andy Quasimodo Musical 2

Hutson, Ron A Death Of Convenience Play 2
  Dying To Meet You Play 2
  Idle Hands Play 2

Inchbald, Elizabeth The Massacre Play 1
  Wives As They Were And Maids As They Are Play 2

Jacobsen, Freddie Rock 'n Soul Play 1

Javitch, Karen & Jabenis, Elaine Princess Diana, the musical Musical 2

John, David & Lynch, Kevin Rush!, the musical Musical 2

Johnson, James Choking The Butterfly Play 2
  Fate Play 2
  Glimpse Due Solace Play 2
  In Play 2
  The-Audition Play 2

Johnson, Robin Stitched Up Play 1

Jones, Eric A Christmas Carol Musical 2

Kinnings, James & Hale Hooked Musical 1

Krueger, Anton R Axis Play 1
  Mediocrity Play 1
  Revelation Of The Velvet City Play 5
  Vanessa And The Vanguard Play 2

Lacroix, Bruno The Pink Pearl Play 2

Lambert, Chris Loving Chopin Play 2
  Ship Of Fools Play 1
  The Simple Process Of Alchemy Play 1
  Ugga; the boy with a paper bag on his head Play 2

Layton, Tony A Bit Of A Do Play 1
  A Phoenix Rising Play 3
  A Town Like Dead Wood Play  
  Bye, Bye Mr Heim! Play 1
  Digs Play 1
  'Dreams And Delusions' Anthologies Plays 1
  Exit Right, Running Play 1
  For The Love Of Sara Play 1
  Honeymoon Suite Play 3x1
  Lucy In The Sky Play 1
  Movers Play 1
  Once An Actress Play 1
  Portrait Of Dylan Play 2
  Ragtime Band Play 2
  Remembrance Day Play 1
  Sharks In The Custard Play 1
  Soap Soup Play 1
  Something Beginning With C Play 1
  Still Lives Play 1
  The 19th Hole Play 1
  The Brown Felt Hat Play 1
  The Brylcream Boys Play 2
  The Cafe Sirocco Play 1
  The Cherry Boys Play 2
  The Hard Yards Play (Young Cast) 1
  The Ladybirds Play 1
  The Story Of Kylie And Rick Play (Young Cast) 1
  Time For Ben Play 1
  Where There's A Will Play
Layton, Tony & Gibbard, Alun Dylan Play with Music 2
Layton, Tony & Hart, Roger Merlin Musical (Young Cast) 2
  The Razzle Dazzle Man Musical (Young Cast) 2
Layton, Tony & Rhys, Dulais Once Upon A Spell Musical (Young Cast) 1

Levy, Paul Adam Thank You For Protesting Play 1

Llewellyn, Jack Bred In Heaven Play 2
  Connection Failed Play 2
  I'll Be There In A Minute Now Play 2
  Whose Coat Is That Jacket? Play 2

Lock, Rich A Little Panto' On The Prairie Pantomime 2

Lockyer Willis, Jane Cocoa And Cuddles Play 2
  Now You See Me, Now You Don't Play 2

Luscombe, Tim Amateur Rites Play 2
  Kimalia Play 2

Manktelow, Bettine Murder By Default Play 2
  School For Murder Play 2
  The Midnight Raiders Play 2

Manktelow, Roger The Faraday Effect Play 2
  The Firecrest Play 2
  The Offending Biscuit Play 2

Mansell, Phil A Clandestine Operation Play 1
  Bats Play 1
  Bunkered Play 1
  Caddying For Godot Play 1
  Poor Yorick Play 1
  The Missing Links Play  1
  The Seventh Suitcase Play  1
  Wedded Blitz Play 2

Martin, Smith & Bryce Whisky Kisses Musical 2

Maun, David Beauty And The Beast Pantomime 2
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2

McAuley, Ian Enigma Play 1

McKee McNeil, Shona &
Hammond Brown, Ian
Whisky Galore Musical 2

McInerny, Nicholas The Incredible Doctor Guttmann Play 2

McNaughton Jordan, Lindy Ladies On The Costa Plays (Short) -

McWilliams, Warren Robin Hood Pantomime 2

Meeks, Philip Aladdin Pantomime  
  Beauty And The Beast Pantomime  2 
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Clairvoyant Play 2
  Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Puss In Boots Pantomime 2
  Rapunzel Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Pantomime 2
  Twinkle Little Star Play 1

Merryweather, Andrew & Paterson, Nick 1605 And All That! Musical (Young Cast) 2

Mildiner, Leslie American Venus Play 1

Miller, Robin Jennifer Murder On Cue Play 2

Miller, Spencer Glenn Landfall Play 1

Milner, Jack The Mummy Play 2

Moger, Doreen Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Pinocchio Pantomime  
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime  
  Snow White Pantomime  

Mondoux, Christopher J Life, Below Zero Play 1

Murphy, Dermot The Condor And The Maiden Play 1

Writers (L-Z)

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