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Writers (N-Z)


Nærum, Knut Murder Afoot! Play 2

Nicol, Ron Beggar Your Neighbour Play 1
  Chairs Play 1
  Flushed Play 1
  Murder At The Cathedral Play 1
  Splits In The Skin Play 2
  Thicker Than Water Play 1

Norman, Mark Crazy Horses Play 1 or 2

Norman, Paul Silent Running Play 2

O'Brian, Tom On Raglan Road Play 2

O'Reilly, Catherine & Churchill, Tim The Magnificent Seven Play 2

Orphanides, Xenia The Never Ever Cafe Play 1

Owen, Christopher A Family Affair Play 1

Pauley, Ian Resonant Frequency Play 3

Pertwee, Carolyn (with Adler, Rosalind) Between Friends Play 2

Piñon, Andrew She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not Play 2

Power, Sarah Revolution Society Play 1

Pressland, Angela A Higher Education Play 1 or 2

Price, Stuart Lucky Dip Play 1

Reynard, James A Christmas Carol Play 2
  The Canterville Ghost Play 2

Reynolds, John & Daverne, Gary Robyn Hood, outlaw princess Musical (Young Cast) 2
Reynolds, John & Smith, Shade Starblaze Musical (Young Cast) 2
  Valley Of The Voodons Musical (Young Cast) 2
  Windust Musical (Young Cast) 2

Richards, Jay Jane Eyre Musical 2
  Little Women Musical 2

Ridley, Nicolas Rude Awakenings Play 1

Roche, Martin To Be Frank Play with Music 2
  Where Is The Life? Play 2
Roche, Martin & Crabtree, Ian Witchfinder Musical 2

Shaw, Janet Behind Closed Doors Play 2
  Charade Play 2
  Full Circle Play 2
  Love Is A Four Letter Word Play 2
  One Day I'll Fly Away Play 2
  Playing Away Play 2
  Pretzels For Dinner Play 2
  Stand And Deliver Play 2
  Whatever Happened To Ruby Quicksilver? Play 2

Sherman, Paul Kilmainham Kids Play (Youth/Adult) 1

Simonelli, Joe Room-Mates Play 2
  Where There's A Will Play 2

Stevens, Ryan Player King Play 2

Stevenson, Den Bugle Boy Musical 2

Swarz, Gary Country Love Musical 2

Tasca, Ed Something Tells Me Play 2

Taylor, Bernard J Hear A Song That Echoes Play 2
  Make Me A Musical Musical 2
  Much Ado Musical 2
  Nosferatu Musical 2
  Pride And Prejudice Musical 2
  Snow White and the Evil Queen Musical 2
  The Corporate Pirate Of Penzance Musical 2
  The Marsh King's Daughter Musical 2
  Wuthering Heights Musical 2
Taylor, Bernard J & Taylor, Simon J Ghosts In The Afternoon Play 2

Thompson, Jenny-Alice Whose Crime Is It Anyway? Play 1

Tildesley, Rebecca Gardner Thicker Than Water Play 1

Townend Jones, Elton The Diaries Of Adam And Eve Play 1

Turner Jay & Mundy, Kath
& Cann, Peter
Billy Buckett Musical 2

Turner, Liz Exit Routes Play 1

Underwood, Alice M Conkers Play 1

Van Why, Artie That Day In September Play 2

Ward, Merlin The Widow Play 2

Waterman, Peter & Christian, Rod Cruisin' Musical 2

Watkins, Dennis & Harriott, Chris Beach Blanket Tempest Musical 2

Webb, Derek Agatha Crusty: Village Hall Murders Play 2
  Agatha Crusty: 'Mighty Midget' Murders Play
  Another Life Play 
  Call Me Dusty Play With Music 2
  Calling Time Play
  CCTV Play
  Celebulite Play
  Dirty Business Play 1
  Getting The Breaks Youth Play 1
  Heaven's Paradise Play
  Losing It Play 1
  Man's View Play
  My Funny Valentine Play 1
  Needle Time Play 1
  Roy Brown: Bard Of Margate Play 1
  Roy Brown: Reclaiming Stonehenge Play 
  Roy Brown: Untitled Play 1
  Roy Brown And The Red Baron Play 1
  The Chimes Play 1
  The Lady Vanishes Play 1

Weir, David Lions Of England Play 1

Whalen, Pamela Mansfield Park Play 3
  Persuasion Play 2
  Pride And Prejudice Play 2
  Sense And Sensibility Play 2

Wilkes, Nick Disconnected Play 2
  Oscars Play 2
  Radiodram Play 2
  Sunking Play 2

Williamson, Devon Crazy Ladies Play 2
  How To Train Your Husband Play 2
  Lost For Words Play 2
  Menopause Made Me Do It! Play 2
  My Husband's Nuts Play 2
  My In-Laws Are Outlaws Play 2
  The Old People Are Revolting Play 2
  Twas The Fight Before Christmas Play 2
  Understanding Women Play 2

Wilson, Heaton The Truth Untold Play 1

Witt, Robert Where You Going, Bobby Fortner? Play (Young Cast) 2

Wood, Emma Mr Bennett's Bride Play 2

Wortley, Christopher Act Your Age Musical 2
  Comic miniOperas Opera 1

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