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    by Ian Bettridge


Aladdin lives in Peking with his brother Wishee Washee and his mother Widow Twankey, the owner of the local laundry, where she struggles to make ends meet.

Aladdin however has bigger dreams, where he hopes to make his fortune Evil Abanazar also has a dream, to become the ruler of the universe. He is aware of a lamp that lies deep within a cave and has magical powers. To obtain this lamp the cave must be entered by a person pure of heart. Abanazar hatches a plan to make Aladdin believe he is he's long lost uncle and sends him into the cave. Abanazar grows impatient about not owning the lamp straight away and seals the cave with Aladdin inside.

With the help of a Slave of the Ring and Genie of the Lamp. Aladdin is transported back to Peking where his dreams are realised.


3m, 3f, 7m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

  • Chop & Suey : The Chinese Policemen. They know what needs doing, but seem totally incapable of doing it (m/f)
  • Wishee Washee : Widow Twankey's oldest son. The children's friend. Bit of an air-head but with a heart of gold. Could be played as a second principal boy if required (m/f)
  • Widow Twankey : Aladdin and Wishee Washee's mother. Runs the local laundry. Typical pantomime dame (m)
  • Lotus Blossom : Our heroine. The Emperor and Empress's daughter. Sugar and spice and all things nice (f)
  • So-Shi : (Pron: So-Shy).Lotus Blossom's lady in waiting. Loyal and trustworthy (f)
  • Aladdin : Our hero. A head strong boy. Lazy with a heedful of dreams, who falls in love with the Princess (m/f)
  • Vizier : The royal right hand man (m/f)
  • Who Pin Cof & One Long Moan : The Emperor and Empress of China. Very protective of their daughter who believe that no one is good enough for her. Comedy roles, like the Baron and Baroness in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1m, 1f)
  • Abanazar : Evil con man who has only one wish, to rule the world, by acquiring the magic lamp, and doesn't care how he does it (m)
  • Slave of the Ring & Genie of the Lamp : The magical duo. Keepers of the magic ring and lamp. Must be played absolutely straight, these are not comedy roles. (2 x m/f)

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