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Babes In The Wood

    by Ian Bettridge


Will and Kate are orphaned and are sent to live with their wicked, money-grabbing uncle, Baron Spentitall, the Sheriff of Nottingham. On hearing of the children's inheritance, and always trying new ways to get his hands on more money, he hatches a plan to have the two babes kidnapped and killed. He enlists the help of two hapless robbers by the names of Ruff and Tuff (which they aren't) to carry out the task.

The children's nurse (Emma Royds), Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Polly Flinders and the god-hearted Muddles, set out to get them back. Meanwhile Fairy Crystal and Demon Darkness have their own battle,  which as in all good pantomimes, portrays good versus evil.

Will the Babes be found safe? Will Ruff and Tuff start to live up to their names? Will Nurse find true love? Will the Baron get his come-uppance? You will find the answers and a whole lot of fun in this traditional family pantomime.


3m, 4f, 5m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

  • Baron Spentitall : The Sheriff of Nottingham and the Babes ruthless uncle with a heart of stone. (male)
  • Maid Marion : Our heroine. The Baron's ward (female)
  • Muddles : The Baron's right hand man. A bit stupid but his heart's in the right place. (male / female)
  • Polly Flinders : The village blacksmith who hates her job (female)
  • Fairy Crystal : The good side of the panto (female)
  • Demon Darkness : As bad as the fairy is good (male/female)
  • Will & Kate : The babes. Nephew and niece to the Baron. Must be played straight and with sincerity (male & female)
  • Nurse Emma Royds : The children's nurse. Typical pantomime dame. Chases any man with a pulse (male)
  • Ruff & Tuff : The robbers employed by the Baron who don't live up to their names. In fact Dumb and Dumber would suit them better (male / female)
  • Robin Hood : Our hero. Strong in stature and must be able to command the stage (male/female)

Chorus of villagers etc.

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