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Dick Whittington

    by Ian Bettridge


King Rat has one burning ambition... to become Lord Mayor of London. His plan... to overrun the city with a plague of rats. It falls upon Fairy Bowbells to find somebody with a kind heart to thwart his evil plan.

Enter Dick Whittington, an uncomplicated chap who has come to London to seek his fortune. Assisted by his magical cat, Tommy, he is taken on by Alderman Fitzwarren to work in his shop, and Tommy sets about getting rid of the rats! However, King Rat spares no attempt to undermine him, and he makes Dick's newfound friends think he's a thief.

Good overcomes evil (hurrah!) as King Rat's plans go wrong... Dick falls for Fitzwarren's daughter, Alice, and through various adventures, Dick becomes Lord Mayor, much to King Rat's annoyance.

Add to this a ship's Captain who thinks he's Admiral Nelson, a First Mate who's a sandwich short of a picnic, a ship's cook that can't, a Sultan who thinks he's Elvis, together with the delightfully entitled Dame Donna Kebab, and you've got an entertaining show that has a lot to offer any group, large or small.


6m, 2f, 5m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (6m, 2f, 4m/f)

  • Fairy Bowbells : Typical Pantomime Fairy. As good as King Rat is bad (Female)
  • King Rat : Evil through and through. He has only one thing on his mind, to be Lord Mayor of London and he doesn't care how he does it (Male)
  • Alice Fitzwarren : Our heroine. Sugar and spice and all things nice (Female)
  • Alderman Fitzwarren : Alice's doting father. A bit of a wet blanket with a heart of gold (Male)
  • Idle Jack : As his name suggests, not the hardest working member of the team. He has a secret crush on Alice, but can't tell her. The children's friend (Male)
  • Captain Starboard : Admiral of the Fleet or so he thinks. Believes he is Lord Nelson, in fact he is more like Captain Pugwash (Male)
  • Shipshape : Captain's right hand man. His heart’s in the right place. Always willing to learn (Male/Female)
  • Donna Kebab : Typical pantomime dame. The Ship's cook who can't. She fancies anything with a pulse (Male)
  • Dick Whittington : Our hero. Honest and trustworthy (Male/Female)
  • Jolly Roger : Would like a glittering career on the high seas. But only seems to be the butt of everyone's jokes. (Male/Female)
  • Sheik Rattlenroll : The Sultan of Morocco. Doesn't suffer fools gladly. Will do anything to rid his Palace of rats (Male)
  • Tommy : Dick's faithful four legged friend. A magical cat sent by the fairies. Needs to be able to dance. (Male/Female, Non-Speaking Role)

Support (1m/f)

  • Mustapha Rest : The Sultan's manservant. Very loyal. (Male/Female)

A chorus of townsfolk, ship’s crew, Lord Mayor’s courtiers and Arabian dancing girls/boys

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