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Sleeping Beauty

    by Ian Bettridge


All that King Arthur and Queen Martha wanted, was a child. So when it happened, their life was complete. However, the old woman who foretold the new arrival wasn't all she seemed to be, and requests on the day of the child's birth, that she becomes her godmother.

The Queen agrees, but changes her mind at the christening. The old woman invites herself to the event and reveals herself to be a wicked witch... yes, she's Nightshade, whose heart is black, through and through.

A spell is cast that puts the Princess into a deep sleep on her eighteenth birthday, with the spell being broken with a kiss. The rest, as they say, is history.

A traditional pantomime for the whole family to enjoy, sprinkled with the usual mixture of colourful characters... including Nurse Penny Sillin (the Dame), Fairy Light, Duck and Dive (Nightshade's incompetent henchmen) and Maisey and Daisy, two medically trained health workers (the sensible versions of Duck and Dive).


4m, 6f, 2m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

  • Fairy Light : A typical pantomime fairy, must show warmth towards the audience, can be a bit absent minded. (f)
  • Nurse Penny Sillin : The Dame, after any man with a pulse, the King and Queen's family nurse. (m)
  • Sniffles : The Royal Courtier, the children's friend, looks after Princess Beauty with Nurse (m/f)
  • Duck and Dive : Nightshade's idiotic henchmen, they try to be rough and tough but fail miserably (m)
  • Queen Martha : Beauty's mother, her child is her pride and joy, she can be a bit scatty and emotional. (f)
  • King Arthur : Beauty's father, a bit more level headed than the Queen, but not much. (m)
  • Nightshade : The villain, whose heart is black, through and through, out for revenge and will get it at almost any cost. (f)
  • Maisey and Daisy : Nurse Penny's medically trained assistants, sensible versions of Duck and Dive (2f)
  • Princess Beauty : Our heroine, all sweetness and light, knows her own mind, can be a bit of a tomboy at times. (f)
  • Prince Peter : Our hero, strong and fearless. (m/f)


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