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Ali Baba

    by Lesley Cookman


Ali Baba and his son, Haroun, live above Salmonella Salmon, who owns the best fish and chip shop in Baghdad. Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, discovers the hideout of the fiercest band of thieves in the whole of Arabia and when he returns home laden with wealth, his rich and miserly brother, Kassim, wants to know how he got it! 

How Kassim gets his come-uppance, villain El Abadan is vanquished and Morgiana the slave girl saves them all is related by the Immortal storyteller, Scheherazade, who also introduces us, among others, to Hanki and Panki, El Abadan's scouts and the most incompetent thieves ever known, the tailor, Mustapha and his daughters Zuleika and Zulinda and Kassim's grasping wife, Fatima. 

Then, of course, there is Ali Baba's donkey, Hotay...


7m, 7f  (plus Chorus & Dancers and one skin part)

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