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Puss In Boots

    by Lesley Cookman


The dying wish of the village miller regarding his three sons is that Tom, should inherit Puss, his cat; Dick should receive Ned, the donkey; whilst Harry gets the mill and the business.

The Good Fairy (Fairy Light) changes Puss into a magic talking cat, Algernon de Quincy, who immediately puts his plan to make Tom rich into action, and takes a gift to the Kind and Queen. The King's Chamberlain, in the pay of the Ogre, is very suspicious and sets the King's bodyguards, Push and Shove, to follow, and, if possible, capture the cat.

Tom, on meeting the Princess, falls in love with her (just to complicate matters) and Algernon de Quincy has his work cut out to foil the Ogre, the Chamberlain, and Push and Shove. 

With the help of the Princess's nurse, Eureka Fish and the Queen's Ladies-in-waiting, Milly and Jilly, he succeeds triumphantly.


9m, 6f  (plus Chorus & Dancers and Ned, the donkey)

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