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Red Riding Hood

    by Lesley Cookman


Decidua, the Guardian of the forest, has a cold and has lost her power to protect her domain. Her daughter, Dame Ida Hood, is holding a May Day party at her school in the village, Dame Hood's Academy for Young Ladies, and because Decidua is poorly, sends young Rose off with a basket of goodies to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, Prince Stefan has arrived incognito, fleeing from the advances of the evil Lady Millicent, who is in hot pursuit. Stefan's bodyguard, Cecil, tries to protect everybody from Wolfie, who is delighted to find he can once more enter the forest, and also from Hiss & Boo, who are trying to catch Rose for Lady Millicent.

To complicate matters, Wolfie has blown down the houses of three extremely grumpy Little Pigs. When they all meet at Grandma Decidua's house, anything could happen - and probably will!


8m, 5f, 3m/f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)

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