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Dick Whittington

    by Philip Meeks


Panto Script: 'Dick Whittington' by Philip Meeks

As the London bells chime out, join our hero Dick Whittington, outrageous Sarah the Cook, hilarious Idle Jack and Tommy the unforgettable mystical magical cat on the greatest of all pantomime adventures!

When Dick Whittington heads to London Town to seek his fame and fortune fate soon steps in.  The streets mightn’t be paved with gold as he’s been led to believe, but when he encounters a stray moth-eaten moggy his luck begins to change. 

London is over run by vicious rats and Tommy the cat with his ratting prowess helps Dick land a humble job at the Fitzwarren stores.  And now Dick’s life truly begins.   But little does he know that under the watchful eye of the benevolent Fairy of the Bells he’s on a magnificent quest and he’s got his work cut out!

He’ll defeat his mortal enemy King Rat, head for the High Seas, help Maneeta the Queen of Morocco with an unfortunate infestation and fall in love with Alice the bosses daughter.  And he’ll need to fit all of this in before taking his place in history by becoming the most beloved Lord Mayor our nation’s capital has ever known.

This traditional take on the beloved pantomime classic features all the comic routines, slapstick, excitement and memorable moments this panto subject is known for.  Its guaranteed to help you create a professional class family friendly spectacle that will live on in the memories of your audience long after the good ship Naughty Nellie has sailed home.


Principals : 7m, 3f, 4m/f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)


  • Fairy Gilliflower
  • King Rat
  • Squelch (m/f)
  • Squirm (m/f)
  • Tommy - a magical Cornish cat (m/f)


  • Dick Whittington
  • Alderman Fitzwarren
  • Alice Fitzwarren - his daughter
  • Sarah the Cook
  • Idle Jack
  • Captain Flotsam - Captain of the Naughty Nancy
  • Ben Dover - the first mate
  • Maneeta - the Sultana of Morocco
  • Ansom the Ape (m/f)

  • Radio Voice (m/f)
  • A chorus of townspeople, sailors, etc.

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