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Jack And The Beanstalk

    by Philip Meeks


Pantomime Script: Jack And The Beanstalk' by Philip MeeksWho’d be a mother? You send your son out to the shops and he comes back with a handful of magic beans!

Philip Meeks’ ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ is a colourful, fun-packed, all-singing, all-dancing spectacular with a wisecracking dame, her cheeky, chirpy lad, Jack, and a whole host of friends to take you on a thrilling trip up the beanstalk! But watch out – there’s a giant about!

In a world of goodies and baddies, magic and make-believe, the tale is of Jack Trott - the last of the giant killers (but he doesn’t know it) – and how he defeats the hunger of Giant Bonecrunch with the help of the annually recurring good fairy and her loyal friend, a Brussel Sprout. Helping or hindering Jack is his mother, Dame Nelly Trott, Princess Mercedes and her brother Prince Marmaduke, who has a lot to say but is never allowed to say it, Daisy the cow, and Lord Fester and Lady Fangoria… a pair of human flies!

Invite your audience once again to be part of this wonderful fairy tale where good triumphs over evil, and everyone lives ‘happily ever after’, of course!


Principals : 6m, 4f, 1m/f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)
  Giant Bonecrunch (m)
  Fairy Alfalfa (f)
  Sprout – her assistant (m/f)
  Lord Fester Fleshcreep (m)
  Lady Fangoria Fleshcreep (f)
  Princess Mercedes (f)
  Prince Marmaduke (m)
  Simon the Pie Man (m)
  Dame Nelly Trott (m)
  Jack Trott (m)
  Myrtle - the Giants Housekeeper (f)
Support (3m/f)
  Daisy the Cow (2 x m/f)
  A Ghost (m/f)
  Chorus of Townsfolk, Farm Folk, Fairy Folk, Kitchen Assistants, Ghouls and Vegetables.

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