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Puss In Boots

    by Philip Meeks


Panto Script: 'Puss In Boots' by Philip MeeksThe town of Goodwill is being held to ransom by the wicked witch Wysteria. Using her son, the Ogre, Rumbletum to terrorise the town, she’s keen to reinforce her failing magic by marrying the good King Crumble, either by force or by subterfuge (or both). He’s rather preoccupied though with making sure that he supplies Rumbletum with a thousand doughnuts a day, baked by the gorgeous Dame Doris Dimple, as failure to do so will incur the wrath of Wysteria. Princess Fiona is desperate to help her father rid the town of the wicked old witch and has been searching in vain for a hero to save the day.

The Dame’s sons, handsome Jamie and daft Rory just don’t seem quite the types for the job, although Jamie and Fiona manage to hit it off quite successfully when they meet. Through some magic that goes wrong, Rory is transformed from a daft boy into a dashing cat, proving that all is not lost, as bad magic has a habit of backfiring and Puss in Boots arrives to help and empower, ably assisted by The Clan of Incredible Cats.

Not only has Rory’s appreance changed, so too has his intelligence – he’s not quite so daft any more – and using his new-found cunning, coupled with his feline friends, he engineers a perfect solution to the problem, resulting in Wysteria being tricked into changing herself into a mouse, which is easily caught in a cage and so rendered harmless.

Naturally they all live happily ever after – with Wysteria suitably humbled, Rory returns to normal, Doris marries the King and Fiona marries Jamie.


Principals : 5m, 2f, 1m/f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)
  Wysteria the Witch : a wicked lady (f)
  Dame Doris Dimple : the miller’s widow (m)
  Jamie : her son (m)
  Rory : her other son (m)
  King Crumble : the monarch of Goodwill (m)
  Princess Fiona : his daughter (f)
  Rumbletum : the ogre (m)
  Felix : head of the clan of incredible cats (m/f)
  Chorus of villagers, courtiers, and Wysteria’s wenches, feline sprites and the Clan of Incredible Cats.

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