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    by Philip Meeks


Panto Script: 'Rapunzel' by Philip MeeksKing Jack tries to trick the evil Mother Gothel who has her sights set on his newborn daughter - the girl with the magical hair. But poor King Jack is overcome by the Witch who splits him into five (similar looking) parts, scatters four of them across the land, and keeps one hidden away in a cage.

Gothel raises Rapunzel as her own, using the magic of her hair to keep herself young. But when Rapunzel grows into a young woman, she decides she wants to explore the world, much to Gothel’s dismay. Using her exceptionally long and strong hair, she escapes from Gothel’s imprisonment in a Tower with the help of Flynn, a Gypsy prince. On her travels, the Princess meets Prince Flynn’s mother, Queen Rosita (the Dame), their knave, Jasper and the jester, Jenny Jangles.

The appearance of each of the King’s ‘part-persons’ in turn confuses the epic journey, particularly when it’s explained that the King will become powerful again only when all five of his parts are re-united, at which point he will also be re-united with his precious daughter.

"It made me laugh so much that I gave myself a headache. Never before have I been so
swept up by a panto.
I felt like a kid again and just couldn’t help but shout things out,
boo the bad guys, and generally just let my hair down."

Vicki Newman, The Shields Gazette, Jan 2014


Principals : 4m, 4f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)
  Fairy L’Oreal : a lovely lass with luscious locks
  Mother Gothel : a sinister Sorceress
  Rapunzel : a Princess with a permanent bad hair day
  Prince Flynn : a Gypsy
  Queen Rozita : his mother, the Dame
  Jenny Jangles : a Gypsy jester
  Jasper : a Gypsy knave
  King Jack : a missing monarch (Also plays : Noggins, Foggins, Boggins & Scroggins)
  Tubby the Troll (m/f)
  A chorus of townsfolk, Gothel’s minions, baby animals and wicked weeds

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