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Ghosts In The Afternoon

    by Bernard J Taylor and Simon Taylor


Synopsis Ghosts In The Afternoon by Bernard J Taylor

A new play from the father and son team of Bernard and Simon Taylor. Those familiar with Bernard's musicals and other works will already appreciate the quality of his writing, and this collaboratively written play with Simon, is no exception.

Ross Miller, an introverted and burned-out writer, ends a hollow relationship with a married woman at the same time he rents a room in his city apartment to an extravert out-of-towner named Rachel, a generation younger than himself He is torn between his attraction to her, his self-consciousness and his fear of involvement.

Complicating the situation is the fact that he is haunted by the ghost of his youth and the spectre of a diminished old age. But when the immovable objectivity of his introverted nature is challenged by the irresistible force of the outgoing Rachel, something’s got to give.

Complete with scene change and other incidental music composed by Bernard J Taylor this play is intuitive, intellectually interesting and incisive.


Principals (3m, 2f)
  Ross Miller- 40ish, has a strong physical presence
  Rachel- 20's, vivacious, attractive
  Old Man- wheelchair-bound, looking like an older dissolute version of Miller
  Young Man - idealistic, intense, angelic face, same colouring as Miller
  Margot - mid 30's, poised, slightly aloof in her bearing
Support (1m, 1f)
  Glennis - Young office worker (speaking) doubling as Female Silhouette (non-speaking)

  Male Silhouette (non-speaking)


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