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    by Tom Casling


Comedy Play Script: 'Grandad' by Tom Casling

George Wright was widowed shortly after his 70th Birthday and a few months after this he suffered a stroke. George was an independent man, a man’s man with a full and active life. The stroke and the loss of his wife left him feeling down, to the extent that he didn’t look after himself and he was becoming a concern to his immediate family and to Social Services. To aid his recovery, against his wishes, he reluctantly agreed to live with his son and daughter in law and their two teenage children.  

We join George two years on and are witness to both his, and the families frustrations. Whilst the situation has had a limited effect on Dave and the kids, June is at her wits end Following several incidents with the Police and neighbours, June enlists the help of Social Services, the local Parish Priest and a local care agency, much to the disgust of George, who has plans of his own. He enlists the help of his best friend and the children regarding a very special relationship that has been developing. 

A lovely, thought-provoking, comedy dealing with some very real and pertinent issues. 


(5m, 6f)

  • Grandad - late 60s, George Wright 
  • Dave Wright - late 40s, his son
  • June Wright - mid 40s, Dave's wife 
  • Paul Wright - 18-20, their son
  • Emma Wright - 16-18, their daughter
  • Jacki Smith - 60s, Grandad’s friend 
  • Father Dan O’Neil - 40-60, the parish priest
  • Police Officer - 30-50, the local bobby
  • Mrs Rauhgenhaus - 30-50, social worker
  • Ruth Pringle - 50-60, carer
  • Mavis Anderson - 60s, Grandad’s girlfriend

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