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Holiday Home

    by Elizabeth Bromage


Comedy Play Script: 'Holiday Home' by Elizabeth Bromage

Three couples arrive at their destination, a hotel that is off the Welsh mainland, only to discover that the 'Hotel' is an old ancestral pile that is not only being rapidly reclaimed by the sea, but run by two old argumentative sisters;  one acting as Housekeeper, the other as cook, maid, domestic help and everything else, including happy drunk, who takes on the accent of whatever she’s drinking – so the Irish Cream gets a pasting, likewise the accent, and so does the table when she decides to dance an Irish Jig on it!

Stuck in this fast disappearing house with odd staff and a weather front that has cut them off from the mainland, they all soon become embroiled in a family mystery, a treasure hunt and a long ago drowning.

Couple one have come by car that broke down coming over the beach as the low tide turned into a rogue one, and they had to make a run for it – on foot!  Couple two are on a walking holiday and are already falling out before they arrive!  Couple three have come by their own row boat, but he’s bossy and she’s already agitated!

The Lady/owner of the house has treble booked the rooms. She booked it in a rush in one of the ‘new fangled' internet cafes on the mainland, when she was over there on a day trip. She was so eager to get guests in to her home and earn some cash before the outside toilet follows the garden into the sea!

The Family Dress and Karaoke themed-weekend is forgotten as they argue and fight over the rooms, and the fact that something in the bathroom has just toppled into the garden due to subsidence.

This is before a drunken séance conjures up a ghost or two!


(4m, 6f, 1m/f)

  • Mr Paul Over                                               
  • Mrs Ann Over                                              
  • Mr Kenny Drake                                         
  • Mrs June Drake                                           
  • Mr Tom Billie                                               
  • Mrs Millicent Billie                          
  • Lady Arabella St. John Cohertley             
  • Mrs Betty Wood                                           
  • Johnny
  • Mad Mo                    

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