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Drama Play Script: 'A Harlot's Progress' by Dougie Blaxland

A Harlot's Progress by Dougie Blaxland

(4m, 3f & 1 m/f junior) This cast size uses doubling; larger cast opportunities exist
Based on William Hogarth’s 18th Century series of paintings, the play tell the tragic story of Moll Hackabout an innocent and naive sixteen year old who travels to London in search of employment where she is enticed and entrapped by the lecherous Colonel Charteris and his self-seeking accomplice Mother Needham. The play dramatises Moll’s tragic and all too brief journey from gentleman’s mistress via street prostitution and imprisonment to destitution, disease and premature death. Although set in the 18th Century it has an all too poignant relevance for 21st Century Britain.

A Higher Education by Angela Pressland

(2m, 2f) apx 1hr 45mins - Written as a long One Act play, but with a Two Act split point provided
Patrick is suffering in his job and in his private life, and he badly needs comfort - female comfort. Summer is determined to complete her university degree, and if she can't get the money one way, she will try another. Their encounter is explosive for both of them.

A Phoenix Rising by Tony Layton

(8m, 6f) Large Cast Possibilities
What happens in a society that has lost its way and is in a state of civil unrest? What if certain people with influence decided to help create and promote the idea of a new messiah? Modern technology with all its creativity can produce images which could convince the most ardent sceptic, so why shouldn't a troubled church organisation harness it for its own ends?

A Touch Of Familiarity by Michael Park

(3m, 5f) The grown-up children of the Brewster family have gone their separate ways: Jayne is a BBC executive, Brenda has married well, and Adrian is out and about supporting good causes. Only aspiring artist, Melanie, is left at home, but when her widowed mother suffers a stroke, this ordinary family has to face up to dealing with extraordinary circumstances. Boasting strong female leads, this play is both funny and touching in turn, and examines the problems of coping with a stroke victim respectfully, without being in any way maudlin.

An Honourable Life by Tom Casling

(5m, 3fPatrick and Mary await the imminent arrival of Father Brendan, Patrick’s brother, who has decided to come and stay with them two weeks before Christmas.  Brendan is never the easiest of guests and it would appear that he has a problem that he urgently needs to discuss.  “At a time of goodwill to all men” both brothers find themselves in need of shelter, questioning their family values and needing to address what constitutes living an honourable life.

All That We Seem from the writings of Edgar Allen Poe adapted by Steven K Beattie

(7m, 4f, 1m/f) A remarkable piece of theatre inspired by the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe - a poet, journalist, editor and literary critic, best known for his tales of mystery and horror. The play cleverly weaves together all these aspects of Poe’s life and work by using the writer at his desk as a framework for some spell-binding story-telling.  Poe is a soul tormented by illness in mind and body caused by separating from his sick wife, then grief at her death, neglect by an uncaring public, and money troubles. He medicates himself with alcohol, and is driven always to write.

Behind Closed Doors by Janet Shaw

(5m, 3fSet in 1969, when physical and mental abuse was a fact of life to many women, this play is about domestic violence inside marriage - a subject still regrettably topical even in today's 'enlightened' times. Social attitudes and family undercurrents are explored when the engagement of two university students (one, upper class from Surrey, the other much more down to earth, from Yorkshire) brings their families together, but breaks one of them apart.

Drama Play Script: 'Between Friends' by Carolyn Pertwee with Rosalind Adler

Between Friends by Carolyn Pertwee with Rosalind Adler

(1m, 2f) The past stalks the present in this gripping drama set in the near future with the world in a state of flux. Helen and Paul have escaped to the comparative calm of Esher, where they’re happy.  Pretty much. Their two girls are settled in school and it’s good to grow your own vegetables. Helen has their future all mapped out, unaware that their lives are about to implode when Laura, an old friend from another life, turns up unannounced on their doorstep...

Drama Play Script: 'Between The Hay And Grass' by Benjamin Belbin

Between The Hay And Grass by Hank Belbin

(min 6m, 2f) 1882 White Oaks, New Mexico. A savage lawless land where murder and robbery are as common as drought, and making an honest living is unheard of. A brutal tale of a murdering road agent and a notorious thief apprehended in the wake of a violent robbery gone awry. The young outlaw has always been on the wrong side of the law, but he is also a decent man desperately trying to provide for his family, change his ways and not let his children fall victim to the same life that has doomed him to to commit horrendous acts. With so much wrong-doing behind him, John is struggling desperately to build a future for his family and lay to rest his murderous past for good, but in such an unforgiving land even the strongest wither and die. There ain’t no laws, but the laws we make for ourselves.

'Call Me Dusty' - a play with music about the life of Dusty Springfield by Derek Webb

Call Me Dusty  by Derek Webb

Small Cast Version: (2f, 1m) Large Cast Version: (6m, 6f min) Without doubt the finest white soul singer of her era, Dusty Springfield is for millions the definitive pop diva. Her lifestyle was the stuff of legend – and great drama. Misunderstood and often misquoted, with her relentless quest for perfection and refusal to compromise, Dusty Springfield led a tormented life culminating in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol abuse and self-harm – but, despite all that, she produced tremendous music which still ranks as some of the finest of its kind. The actress playing Dusty does not have to sing, all the tracks played are recorded songs.

Drama Play Script: 'Chasing Ibsen' by Caroline Summerfield

Chasing Ibsen by Caroline Summerfield

(3f) A tightly written contemporary psychological drama for an all-female cast, that deals with the betrayal of friendship through deceit - inspired by Henrik Ibsen's stage play 'A Doll's House' and the paintings of  Edvard Munch. Lizzie Fairweather's husband Bob has died under mysterious circumstances and when the insurance loss adjuster, Mr Kingsland comes calling, we are drawn into the pursuit of the true circumstances surrounding Bob's death. Was it an accident? Was it suicide? Or was it murder? Which of the three friends knows the answer?

Children Of The Sea by Mike Gibb

(6m, 4f) Black Friday, 14th October 1881, was the day that the sleepy Berwickshire fishing town of Eyemouth suffered Britain’s worst ever fishing disaster. The fishing fleet of frail boats was no match for hurricane force winds, and in little more than the twinkling of an eye, 189 men from Eyemouth and its adjoining villages were swallowed up by the mighty waves. This new play recreates the tragic day as experienced by one fictional family, representative of the people of Eyemouth, all of whom, to a man, were touched by the tragedy.

Drama Play Script: 'Confessions Of Honour' by Gerry Hinks

Confessions Of Honour by Gerry Hinks

(2m, 1f) 50 years after the battle of Epernay where Frederick Salisbury won the Victoria Cross on August 28th 1944, he is attending a special ceremony at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield, to present his medal to the Staffordshire Regiment in which he served during the Second World War. The unexpected arrival of an old German soldier Wolfgang Meissler has an unsettling effect on Frederick and a feeling of unease ensues as he tries to work out the reason for his visit. What connection does Wolfgang have with Frederick? How does he know such much about Frederick and his past? Does Wolfgang hold a secret that could upset the carefully laid procedures of the day?

Drama Play Script: 'Daughters Of Eve' by Tom Casling

Daughters Of Eve by Tom Casling

(6f, 2m/f) Six women meet once a year at a remote cottage. Five of them went to school together and are now in their 50s. The sixth is the daughter of one of the school friends who has now passed away. As the play develops it begins to be clear that nowadays they meet often out of guilt and habit, rather than for enjoyment. One of them is their strength, their rock, but the other five are in different states of turmoil.

Doorways In Drumorty by Mike Gibb

(4m, 8f)
Based on a book of short stories by Lorna Moon, this is both a highly amusing and poignant tale that economically captures, fillets and skewers small town life in rural Scotland in the 1920s, an era when, with their narrow-minded and hypocritical ways, the chief currency was twitching curtains and gossip!

Drama Play Script: 'e-baby' by Jane Cafarella

e-baby by Jane Cafarella

(2f) This play tackles the sensitive and heart-rending issue of surrogacy. Catherine is a privileged Australian lawyer living in London. In her mid-40’s, she has endured 18 cycles of IVF and is now desperate to have a child. Nellie is her surrogate, a feisty, honest, God-fearing redhead from Boston, Massachusetts. It is in parts funny, bitter-sweet, topical and raw with well-developed, multi-layered and clever characterisation, and paints a picture of the longing and heartache that is suffered by both women, but for different reasons.

 Drama Play Script: 'Fate' by James Johnson

Fate by James Johnson

(4m, 5f) Strong Content
When the warped minds of two families being joined in marriage intertwine, the results are a devastating mix of incest, lies, bribery, fraud and adultery. Left to themselves the four flawed relationships in the two families must ultimately lead to their self-destruction. Only fate can take a hand in the proceedings to change the outcome for two of the characters.

 Drama Play Script: 'Giacomo & Glover' by Mike Gibb

Giacomo & Glover by Mike Gibb

(6m, 2f) Madame Butterfly was regarded by Giacomo Puccini as his finest work and he was devastated when the first night audience in Milan treated it badly. A mysterious stranger visits Puccini and is revealed as Thomas Blake Glover, a Scotsman often credited as the father of modern Japan (removing the last Shogun and the co-founder of Mitsubishi). Puccini's resentment at the intrusion dissipates at it becomes clear that Glover was in all probability the inspiration for Madame Butterfly's central male character and Glover reveals the events of his life that are mirrored in the opera and Puccini accepts Glover's help in reworking the opera.

 Drama Play Script: 'Glimpse Due Solace' by James Johnson

Glimpse Due Solace by James Johnson

(7m, 5f) Strong Content
The play explores the way love and guilt manifest themselves inside human relationships: the flowering and de-flowering; the living and dying, shouting and crying. Are love and guilt insistent? Always. Are they persistent? Occasionally. Are they consistent? Never.

 Drama Play Script: 'Hear A Song That Echoes' by Bernard J Taylor & Simon Taylor

Hear A Song That Echoes by Bernard J Taylor

(2m, 1f) A play with recorded music inspired by the classic narrative poem 'The Lady Of Shalott' by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, about a woman who keeps the world at one remove until a former student - now a successful writer - declares his love for her. It is accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of ten pieces of piano and symphonic music that are woven into the narrative.

Play Script: 'Hoovering On The Edge' by Hilary Spiers

Hoovering on The Edge by Hilary Spiers

(1m, 7f) Discover the unlikely friendships that develop between seven very different women, tutored by one hapless male, on a summer writing holiday. Sun, sangria and story-telling, what could possibly go wrong! Meet Moira the tactless hypochondriac, Clare the dippy yoga teacher, and feisty Rita, to name but a few, as the women embark on a voyage of discovery about themselves, their hopes and their dreams… and uncover some surprising home truths.

 Drama Play Script: 'In' by James Johnson

In by James Johnson

(3m, 3f) Strong Content
A psychotic and homosexual private investigator who despises prostitutes gets hired by a husband who is curious to know if (and why) his wife is being unfaithful to him. Why does she visit the doctor's so regularly?

 Drama Play Script: 'Is There Anybody There?' by Martin Paul Roche

Is There Anybody There? by Martin Paul Roche

(3f) When Sue meets Ann, an employee of her late husband, she finds a soul mate in more ways than one. And following a chance conversation about a psychic medium, she hatches a plan. A laugh. The chance to drink, to joke and to make fun with impunity of those who she sees as pathetic for trying to contact their dead relatives: laughing at the expense of those who pursue the question: “Is there anybody there?”

Drama Play Script: 'Kimalia' by Tim Luscombe

Kimalia by Tim Luscombe

(Minimum 9m/f) Asylum claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity have been recognised in the UK since 1999. However, having the right to seek refugee status, and actually gaining asylum on this basis, have proved to be two very different things. Through farcical comedy and hard-hitting raw conflict, 'Kimalia' pitches Ade, a Kimali refugee, against Vincent, the 'european' border guard with a prejudice. Written originally for a cast of 19 Mountview graduating students, this urgent, contemporary tale exposes the endemic corruption and prejudice at the heart of the Home Office’s immigration strategy, and aims to question all of our attitudes to race, gender and nationality.

 Drama Play Script: 'Mansfield Park' by Jane Austen adapted by Pamela Whalen

Mansfield Park  by Jane Austen, adapted by Pamela Whalan

(6m, 7f) Fanny Price is the poor relation of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, and has, from the age of ten, lived with the wealthy Bertram family at Mansfield Park. The shy and retiring Fanny is an intelligent observer of the flirtations and foibles of her four cousins and the sophisticated brother and sister, Henry and Mary Crawford, who move into the neighbourhood and disrupt the peace of the Bertram family.

Drama Play Script: 'Never Any Fruit' by Dougie Blaxland

Never Any Fruit by Dougie Blaxland

Winner: The Watermill Theatre, Raising New Voices, Best New Play, 2010
(1m, 1f) The compelling story of two young people who form an unlikely but intense attachment in the face of impending tragedy. Jack, a brilliant but autistic young mathematician, and Isla Rose, a struggling actress who can barely write her name, are brought together in desperate circumstances for last ditch clinical trials of an untested drug after conventional medicine has failed to cure life-threatening illness.

On Raglan Road by Tom O'Brian

(2m, 1f) Using Patrick Kavanagh's poem of the same name, this play sets out to describe the often tortuous relationship between himself and Brendan Behan and brings his doomed relationship with Hilda Moriarty into sharp focus.

Drama Play Script: 'Past Forward' by Carolyn Pertwee

Past Forward by Carolyn Pertwee

(2m, 2f) Can the past ever let us go? Liz and Tom Fielding are poised to change their present life by selling up and moving to the coast for a brave new future, little knowing that a chance meeting with Sam Rutland, a long lost friend from their youthful past, will challenge the very foundations of their lives. What happened all those years ago when Sam shared their flat in those heady carefree days? Why is Liz so desperate to keep Sam and their daughter apart, and then so anxious when they not only meet at the family home, but become lovers?

 Drama Play Script: 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen adapted by Pamela Whalen

Persuasion by Jane Austen, adapted by Pamela Whalan

(5m, 8f) The bittersweet story of love that might have been. At the age of nineteen, Anne Elliot was persuaded to refuse an offer of marriage from a young naval officer. Their paths cross again eight years later, but now Anne is a faded spinster and her father is badly in debt, while Captain Wentworth has made his fortune in the war and is a much sought after matrimonial prize.

Portrait Of Dylan by Tony Layton

(8m, 5f) Large Cast Possibilities
The short, enigmatic life of Dylan Thomas was one filled with emotion, artistic endeavour and alcohol. A man of passion and poetry, a womaniser, a Welshman. Charting the years from childhood to his death aged 39 in New York, 'Portrait Of Dylan' is a powerful, moving account of Dylan's life, loves and lyrics.

 Drama Play Script: 'Pride And Prejudice' by Jane Austen adapted by Pamela Whalen

Pride And Prejudice  by Jane Austen, adapted by Pamela Whalan

(4m, 11f) It is not only fans of Jane Austen’s much-loved novel, centred as it is on romantic manoeuvres in early 19th century England, who have been delighted by this adaptation, audience comments too, make it clear that people unfamiliar with the book also had a good time. The title of the play refers to the relationship between the Bennets’ second oldest daughter, Elizabeth, and Mr Darcy, a wealthy but reserved man who is the subject of marital scheming by many people, including his imperious aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and Miss Bingley, the sister of one of his friends.

Queen Anne by Kate Glover

(4m, 4f) When Queen Anne, shy, gout-ridden and overweight, ascends the throne in 1702, the Jacobites, proto terrorists, will stop at nothing to kill her and put her half brother the Roman Catholic James Stuart on the throne. James just happens to be supported by the hugely powerful Louis XIV of France. Court favourites vie for influence with the Queen. Coalition politics spark off intense rivalries between Whig and Tory politicians. With her husband and children all dead, how will the Queen cope?

Resonant Frequency by Ian Pauley

(2m, 1f, 2m/f) A young mother who gains a son then loses him; an immigrant Italian ice cream shop owner with a large heart but a murky past; a slightly psychotic boffin and a pair of slightly out-of-this-world people who interview the three others form the cast for this fascinating play. Boffin is a person walking a tightrope between genius and insanity, reality and fantasy. His invention and subsequent over-reaction to a simple incident involving Mother and Toni has the potential to snuff out all human life.

 Drama Play Script: 'Sense And Sensibility' by Jane Austen adapted by Pamela Whalen

Sense And Sensibility  by Jane Austen, adapted by Pamela Whalan

(6m, 6f) Lose your heart and come to your senses as you follow the fortunes of Elinor, the sensible sister and Marianne, the sister who is ruled by her feelings. The reserve of one sister and the lack of reserve of the other lead equally to their undoing as they struggle to come to terms with the poverty thrust upon them by their father’s untimely death.

 Drama Play Script: 'Soul Without End' by Martin Roche

Soul Without End  by Martin Roche

(6m, 2f) The play concerns the story a young French couple who in 1940, are escaping the ravages of war and the destruction of their tiny French village. Fleeing the atrocities and the death and loss of all they hold dear, they run as hard and as fast as they can across the country, eventually finding themselves in the remains of Chateau Tatar. It is inhabited by the last remaining member of the family who owned it. But they also find it is the home of a small group of soldiers from apparently different sides who appear to be seeking refuge from … what?

 Drama Play Script: 'Splits In The Skin' by Ron Nicol

Splits In The Skin  by Ron Nicol

(2m, 4f) The Dunstans meet for a rare family reunion at the request of their father, now aged 80. During a an afternoon fraught with accusations, arguments, regrets and recriminations they look back on their childhood, reveal their best-kept secrets, confront their failures and deal with their father’s unexpected and suspicious death.

Drama Play Script: 'That Day In September' by Artie Van Why

That Day In September by Artie Van Why

(min 1m but many casting possibilities) Everyone has their story of where they were on 9/11. This is one of them. Artie van Why, an eyewitness, and survivor, of the attack on the World Trade Center gives his account of the being there, on the streets, in front of the twin towers. It provides an intimate understanding of the events of that day, a glimpse into how his choices led him to be standing in front of the twin towers that morning and how his life was dramatically transformed forever.

The Audition by James Johnson

(2f) Strong Content
How far will an actress go to get a part? How far does the Director need to push? A psychological drama exploring the relationship between Director and actress at an audition where the normal rules and etiquette have been dispensed with. A most unusual play.

 Drama Play Script: 'The Brylcream Boys' by Tony Layton

The Brylcream Boys by Tony Layton

(4m, 6f) Set in 1958 the play follows the fortunes of two young men from opposite poles of the social spectrum who are amongst the last to be called up for national service. They come up against D.I. Evans at basic training who has strict methods of changing boys into men. The experience changes the boy’s lives and has far reaching effects on their families.

 Drama Play Script: 'The Cherry Boys' by Tony Layton

The Cherry Boys by Tony Layton

(9m, 4f) A boy rating takes his first job on a cruise ship in the 1950's and is forced to come to terms with homosexual members of the crew when he is barely coming to terms with his own newly awakened interest in girls. A poignant story based on events that happened in real life; about relationships between, and in between, the crew and their passengers.

Drama Play: 'The Firecrest' by Roger Manktelow

The Firecrest by Roger Manktelow

(5m, 3f) The ‘Firecrest’, a garnet set in a silver ring, carries with it a secret of international proportions. When Victor Barrett discovers it, he becomes involved in series of events involving intrigue, blackmail and murder. Marjory, his wife, colleagues Patrick and Claire get caught up in the affair with devastating results, the consequences of which Victor has to live with for the rest of his life, and who is the mysterious woman constantly at his side? 

Drama Play Script: 'The Incredible Doctor Guttmann' by Nicholas McInerny

The Incredible Doctor Guttmann by Nicholas McInerny

(7m, 5f or 3m, 2f with doubling)
As London hosts the 1948 Olympic Games, Stoke Mandeville Hospital gets ready to stage the very first Paralympics. The play tells the true story of Doctor Ludwig Guttmann who pioneered one of the biggest revolutions in medical and social history. In 1944, Henry Collier arrives with only weeks to live. Florence arrives with a broken spine and a broken spirit. Both must come to terms with their new lives but with the new hope given to them by the Jewish immigrant doctor from Germany, a man driven to improve the treatment of spinal injury. Ordinary men and women become the vanguard of the modern Paralympic Games as Guttmann builds broken bodies into a sports team ready to take on the world in this compelling drama, full of passion, determination, humour and rehabilitation.


The Locked Room by Kathryn Attwood

(5m, 7f or 4m, 5f with doubling) Autumn 1951, and acclaimed actress Irene Trevarrick is enjoying a triumphant return to the London stage following the death of her husband two years earlier. Behind the scenes however, Ivy Little is harbouring a scandalous secret from Irene’s pre-war past which will have a devastating effect on the latter’s carefully nurtured reputation and career. But a shocking incident forces Irene and Ivy into self-imposed exile in France and the truth about their relationship only comes out some fourteen years later when Irene, now suffering from cancer, returns to England for treatment.

Drama Play Script: 'The Midnight Raiders' by Bettine Manktelow

The Midnight Raiders by Bettine Manktelow

(4m, 4f) An historical drama requiring just one simple set, it's a play suitable for both youth and adult groups, that takes place on the Kent coast in 1817 at the end of the Napoleonic Wars. A mysterious traveller arrives at a local hostelry seeking shelter. The inn landlady reluctantly accepts him as a guest, but before he can settle down for the night he is disturbed by survivors brought from a shipwreck on the Goodwin Sands, in the persons of a young lady and her maid who were en-route for Ostend. Thereafter, the plot unravels as it becomes clear to the traveller that he has chanced on a ring of smugglers and wreckers, determined to thwart and destroy anyone who stands in their way.

The Revolutionaries by Phillip J Hoberman

(18m, 6f) Large Cast
An important moment of history is highlighted in ‘The Revolutionaries’. The theme of the play is the fight for power around the time of Lenin's death and takes place in the aftermath of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Lenin knew he was dying and was concerned about who might be his successor. He favoured Trotsky, but as history tells, Stalin was very much in the way.

Drama Play: 'The Seagull' by Anton Chekov adapted by Chris Chambers

The Seagull by Anton Chekov adapted by Chris Chambers

(7m, 5f) Simon loves Stella, Stella loves Kit, Kit loves Nina, Nina loves Boris, and Boris loves Irina…and Nina. And that is the problem! Kit’s love for Nina is sorely tested as she falls for his mother’s lover. The ensuing narrative, keenly crafted by Chekhov, leads to a tragic end. Chris Chambers’ re-envisioning of Chekhov’s masterpiece is an amusing and sometimes cheeky 21st century adaptation. Anyone interested in the great works of Chekhov will be familiar with the story of a family, their friends and their lovers, one destined for greatness, some for inevitable heartbreak, and one for a very sad end indeed. 

Drama Play Script: 'Wedded Blitz' by Phil Mansell

Wedded Blitz by Phil Mansell

(3m, 2f) Recovering alcoholic and novelist Jack is battling writer’s block, impotence and the temptation of the bottle. Driving him to drink are a lustful wife, a cantankerous father, and an angry ex-wife who’s never forgiven him for putting their marriage in a best-selling book. Things come to a head when he meets his ex to discuss their son’s future – and sees his wife out with another man. 

Whispers To The Moon by Kris Bauske

(2m, 2f)
Marcia found her one true love in Monaco while she travelled there from her home in America for her grandmother's funeral. Too bad she was already married and so was he. Somehow they made it work by meeting in the same place at the same time for two weeks every year, but now in their happy golden years, is it finally time to say goodbye, or will Marcia's daughter cause a complication?