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Rough Justice

    by Elizabeth Poynter



Peter and Ceri Matthews are an ordinary, happily-married middle-aged, middle-class couple. Ceri gives private English lessons to Mariusz, the young Polish boyfriend of her friend and masseuse, Mona. After a Saturday evening lesson she reports that Mariusz has raped her. A former university friend, Rai, agrees to act as her solicitor.

Rai visits her and through the conversation, we discover what happened the night before. Mona storms in and accuses Ceri of lying.

A trial ensues at which Mariusz is acquitted. Ceri is now depressed and unable to cope. Peter is under great strain, trying to keep his marriage together. Conversations with Rai, his daughter, Hannah, and neighbour Dave, each in different ways push him towards taking some extreme action to this end. Peter and Mariusz have a showdown, with a grim, unwanted, result.

The main theme of the play is the discovery of what can push an ordinary likable man to murder; this is not a world of criminals or people on the fringes of society. Issues around rape are present, but does not dominate the plot which is more about the complexity of individual relationships.


110 mins approx


(3m, 4f)

  • Ceri Matthews - 40s, quite attractive, intelligent,  slight Welsh accent
  • Peter Matthews - Ceri's husband, pleasant, good-humoured
  • Dave Carrington - 30s or 40s, the Matthew's neighbour
  • Mariusz Lipok - 20s, Polish (pronounced 'MAHreeush')
  • Mona Lang - 30s, Ceri's masseuse and friend, well-groomed
  • Rai Devereux - Ceri's solicitor and old university friend (f)
  • Hannah Matthews - 22, Ceri and Peter's daughter


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