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Rock 'n Soul

    by Freddie Jacobsen



Ed Brash, is a 25 year old drug-fuelled rock star who dies in his hotel room, and due to a misunderstanding in Heaven’s ‘immigration’ department is ‘called up’, instead of being ‘sent down’. Josiah, a rather nerdy Seraph, is assigned to help him settle in and tries to show Ed the ropes, but Ed is so caught up in his previous lifestyle of drugs, booze and women that he soon starts to upset the gentle order of things in Heaven.

Josiah enlists Ed to help him woo Seraph Miranda whom he fancies, but doesn’t have the charisma to chat her up. Miranda manages to arrange for Ed to stay on a weeks trial, and only if he can keep out of any more mischief.

Senior Seraph Anne, a middle-aged manager, takes an instant dislike to Ed, realising that he is clearly in the wrong place. She decides to make sure Ed fails the test by separating him temporarily from Josiah (who she sends on an errand with Miranda) and then placing a huge temptation in front of him (a gorgeous young lady who aspires to promotion to a Seraph’s position and will do anything to help Seraph Anne out, as she has the ear of St Peter). Naturally Ed succumbs and is caught ‘in delecti flagrante’. Jesus (a rather hip, long haired, 1970's type, but with a smartphone) arrives and a trial takes place where Jeremy and Ed are on trial for various offences committed since Ed's arrival.

Ed gives a long self-deprecating and apologetic speech which convinces the celestial court, that both of them should be released, and that Ed can stay in heaven. Afterwards Ed tells Josiah that it was all just spin, and he still had the same ‘personal needs’ as before, but Josiah has now connected with Miranda, and leaves Ed to try and finish the business with the gorgeous lady that Anne introduced him to previously.

Rock 'n' Soul is a heavenly tale that promises to light up your life … and your afterlife!


40-45 mins approx


(5m, 4f, 1m/f)

Ed Brash - 25-30, a typical rock singer in an infamous band
Josiah - 25-40, a nerdy, cardigan-wearing, Seraph-grade angel
Miranda - 20-35, another Seraph-grade angel
Anne - 40-55, stern, perceptive, a Senior Seraph-grade angel
Jesus - 40-55, a 70s hippy in a white suit, uses a modern smartphone
Judge - (m/f) could easily be played by Jesus
Toby - a self-deprecating angel
Tina - 25-30, an attractive female angel, wears revealing clothes
Nigel - an angel
Girl - a pleasant looking angel
Radio Announcer (recorded voice)


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