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The Never Ever Cafe

by Xenia Orphanides



Drama Play Script: 'The Never Ever Cafe' by Xenia Orphanides

You wait for that special someone to turn up and then one day ... just when you think it's another usual day, an unexpected stranger arrives to turn everything upside down.

A story of two people meeting in a run down cafe, but this is not just an ordinary meeting; it is a conflict of two classes coming together, trying to make peace.

Emelda is the struggling songwriter and Joshua is the Director of a finance company. Somehow the magic and mystery of the café, keeps pulling Joshua back to where Emelda is working as a singer. Their meeting holds magic, mystery and tension.

Eventually, we find each little dark secret that they keep, popping up, like a bursting balloon, to the surface.  

As the first story is being told, we jump after every scene to another story -  Emelda’s inner world. She is stuck in a room in which, wherever she turns, there is no way out. Desperate and lonely and going nowhere, she gives up on life. An eccentric humorous angel appears in order to save her. At first, she finds it difficult to listen to him. But the angel finds ways to make it so uncomfortable for her, Emelda is desperate to get out of the room.

The play is a highly entertaining one, containing both physical theatre and three uncomplicated songs. It's a magical tale that takes us from the dark to the light.


50-55 mins approx


(2m, 1f)

Emelda - a young singer
Eledor - a humorous angel or inner voice
Joshua - director of a finance company
Voices off - a mother and child


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