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Where You Going, Bobby Fortner?

    by Robert Witt


This young-adult play dramatizes the story of eighteen-year-old Bobby Fortner, who living in a small town in Kentucky, discovers a tank truck driving without headlights on a deserted road late one night and stopping at a creek. Thinking that something illegal must be happening, Bobby tries to get someone to investigate, but he receives only negative responses.

Pursuing the investigation himself, he is chased by two men in a sedan who fire shots at him and later try to discredit him. The local sheriff not only will not listen, but gives Bobby a ticket for speeding when he was fleeing from his pursuers. Bobby's father attempts to persuade Bobby to leave town, but he feels that he must find out what is going on.

Finally, during a routine physical exam, Bobby tells the young doctor about what he has observed. The doctor is immediately interested and agrees to help. They test the water and find that it contains traces of PCP's (a dangerous chemical).

Since the creek feeds into a lake which is the source of the town's water supply, this could be a serious situation. They inform the proper authorities, and, after a shoot-out, the culprits are apprehended. Bobby, of course, becomes a town hero.


110 mins approx


Bobby Fortner - 18 years old. Self-assured, good looking
Mary Lou Williams - Bobby's attractive girlfriend. 17years old.
Brad Turner - athletic 18 year old. Bobby's friend
Sarah Sheldon - Brad's girlfriend. 17 years old
Mae Carver - a waitress (any age)
Carl Boyd - the Sheriff. About 40 years old
Two Men - dressed in black, wearing ski masks
Girl - High School age
Boy - High School age
Kevin Coffey - a boyish-looking Doctor in his early thirties

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