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Our office is open for one day per week until further notice
and we are currently unable to fulfil orders for Printed Scripts and items despatched on USB Sticks.

We've been open throughout the pandemic dealing with its ramifications, and we're going to take a break until things change regarding theatre.
All aspects of our operation will be affected:
Quotations, Licensing, Sales, and General Enquiries. Please be patient if we take a long time to respond.


Royalties (In Advance)

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Here you can pay your Fixed Fee royalties and Advances or Deposits online. You can also pay by other methods.

If the title of a play is not shown in the 'Title (Plays, A-D)' etc selector boxes above please go to the web page for that title, where the royalties payment function is at the bottom of the page.

Instructions (please read these carefully BEFORE making a payment)

Please enter your Quotation Reference Number in the space marked 'Quotation Ref.' above.

Select the title of the musical, play or panto to be performed from one of the four drop-down selection boxes.

Make sure that --None-- is showing in all of the other selection boxes.

Enter the amount to be paid in 'Quantity', rounded down to the nearest whole pound, and entered as the pounds amount only (ie no pence, no decimal point). For example, if you need to pay us GBP 153.75, please enter 153 in the 'Quantity' box.

(We have to do it this way because our system won't allow customers to enter a variable price for a product; what you are doing is buying units of royalty at GBP 1.00 each).