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The Secret

    by Joy Davis



Three friends hire the local village hall to write a murder mystery and the story they are writing is acted out as they write. The village cleaner though, Mrs Mopp believes they may be up to something more sinister.

Colonel Blaggard is the protagonist of their play.  He is married to the wealthy Gloria who has no idea he is already married.  Also, unbeknown to her the Colonel is slowly poisoning her to inherit her money.  However, the Colonel’s first wife Milly has been hired by Gloria as a new house maid and on their first meeting immediately sets about blackmailing him.  But for how long?  Mrs Tidy, the housekeeper is not impressed with Milly’s work and decides to dismiss her.  Milly though takes matters and a paperweight into her own hands and strikes Mrs Tidy down dead.

This sets off a series of multiple murders, starting next with Milly as the Colonel slowly snuffs out anyone who recognises him from his nefarious past, along with any other curious relatives.

Inspector Blewitt and Sergeant Grime are then sent to investigate the shed load of sudden disappearances only to find a load of bodies in the shed, and far from solving the crime only add to the mayhem!

The play is aimed at youth groups and won the Gloucestershire Drama Association One Act Play Festival award for Best Original Play in 2010.


50 mins approx


(4m, 7f, 5m/f)

  • Mrs Mopp - cleaning lady (f)
  • Mary - scriptwriter (m/f)
  • Jo - scriptwriter (m/f)
  • Lee - scriptwriter (m/f)
  • Colonel Blaggard - not all he appears to be (m)
  • Gloria - the Colonel’s wealthy wife (f)
  • Mr Black - a thug (m)
  • Mrs Tidy - housekeeper (f)
  • Milly - maid (can double with Tilly) (f)
  • Cook - cook (f)
  • Jilly - maid (f)
  • Vicar - (m/f)
  • Mel / Melanie - curate (m/f)
  • Tilly - maid, Milly’s sister (can double with Milly) (f)
  • Inspector Blewitt - plain clothes policeman (m)
  • Sergeant Grime - policeman (m)

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