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Ali Baba And The Four Tea Thieves

    by Jackie Staite


Pantomime Script: 'Ali Baba And The Four Tea Thieves' by Jackie Staite

Ali Baba, with the help of his mother, Barbara Baba, runs a successful teashop using a secret tea recipe passed down from his great-grandfather. Ali would like to invent a tea recipe of his own, but nothing quite hits the mark. His café is frequented by (amongst others) four local petty thieves and the local girls’ protest group who use it for their meetings. They also have a problem inhabitant – a smelly genie, who lives in the teapot and who on no account must be let out. Oh, and there is also a pet camel called Humpthree, who is always eating things he shouldn’t.

Enter Horatio Megabucks, an American millionaire, who is looking for his long-lost daughter. He likes the teashop and makes Barbara a handsome offer for the secret recipe. The thieves suddenly realise how valuable the recipe is and make plans to steal it, but their plans go awry. Meanwhile, the girls protest group is intent on stopping the evil Grabanazer with his wicked plans to ruin the village.

Lots of mix-ups and hilarity follow as the recipe gets hidden in one of the shop’s pots, (there are 4 different coloured pots) but the pots get mixed up and contain, amongst other things, evidence against Grabanazer. Nobody know what is in which pot. Of course, the smelly genie escapes and Humpthree the camel eats vital evidence. And what of the love-letter Ali was writing to Selina, the leader of the girls’ protest group? And does Horatio Megabucks ever find his long-lost daughter?

This pantomime has a totally original storyline.  It is full of plot and counterplot, with a final act packed full of surprises. It is easy to stage on two simple sets.


(9m, 9f, 4m/f)

  • Barbara Baba - the Dame
  • Ali Baba - her son, cheeky, lovable
  • Tea Leaf - chief thief (m)
  • Sugar Lump - thief, very silly, soppy (f)
  • Sneeky Snatcher - thief, very stupid (m)
  • Pernickerty Nicker - thief, very fussy (f)
  • Horatio Megabucks - American millionaire (m)
  • Grabanazer - the villain (m)
  • Yasmin - girl in the local protest group, sweet and innocent
  • Selina - girl in the local protest group, feisty
  • Fatima - girl in the local protest group
  • Zahira - girl in the local protest group (could double with Shaz)
  • Shaz - Brummie tourist (could double with Zahira)
  • Baz - Brummie tourist married to Shaz
  • Mustapha Pot - local trader (could double with Tea Time, m/f)
  • Mustapha Leek - local trader (could double with Pong Gong Wong, m/f)
  • Earl Grey - quite posh (could double with Mustapha Clue)
  • Lady Grey - quite posh (could double with Layla)
  • Pong Gong Wong - very smelly genie (could double with Mustapha Leek, m/f)
  • Layla - original love of Horatio’s life (could double with Lady Grey)
  • Mustapha Clue - (could double with Earl Grey)
  • Tea Time - café waiter or waitress (optional character could double with Mustapha Pot, m/f)
  • Humpthree - a camel (played by a puppet through a window)

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