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Sinbad The Sailor Down Under

    by Jackie Staite


Pantomime Script: 'Sinbad The Sailor Down Under' by Jackie Staite

This fast moving pantomime is fun, full of adventure, and has a totally original storyline.

Sinbad and his friend, Daring Dan, agree to undertake a dangerous voyage to Australia on ‘The Saucy Sheila’ under the command of Captain Crabb. Captain Crabb is attracted to Sinbad’s mother, Dame Salubria, and enrols her as the ship’s cook.

But, problems arise, Sinbad goes fishing and inadvertently pulls out The Old Man of The Sea, who curses Sinbad and the ship. Two girl stowaways both insist they are engaged to Sinbad, and Salubria can’t cook. Meanwhile the pirate ship commanded by Glamorous Gloria has its own problems and the only solution is to find and attack another ship.

Shipboard adventure and hilarity follow, the Old Man of the Sea seeks his revenge, and the two girls vie for Sinbad’s attention, the highlight being a very funny frying pan fight. The pirates attack and are driven off but capture the girls and Salubria as hostages. The captives get back to the Saucy Sheila only to be caught up in a storm and shipwreck.

Act 2 is set on the coast of Australia, where Crocodile Aberdeen lives. Baz and Shaz, our Brummie tourists from Ali Baba make another appearance as does our loveable camel Humpthree. Survivors from The Saucy Sheila and the Pirate ship arrive separately and Dan finds a clue about buried treasure. After a fight Sinbad and Glamorous Gloria agree to share the treasure, buy a ship and sail the seas as joint captains. Captain Crabb finds his uniform (which got lost somewhere between act 1 and act 2) and proposes to Salubria. Our two girls Pearl and Coral, both find romance in unlikely places.

The pantomime is easily and cleverly staged. The action changes quickly between The Saucy Sheila and the pirate ship. Both are performed on exactly the same set and only the flag is changed to show which ship we are on. The scene change to act 2 takes place in the interval, and actors from Act 1 can double as Baz, Shaz and Crocodile Aberdeen.


(6m, 7f, 6m/f, 6 junior) doubling possible 

  • Sinbad - the Sailor (m)                                                  
  • Salubria - the Dame, his mother (m)                                                     
  • Daring Dan - Sinbad’s mate (m/f)                                                                                             
  • Pearl - girl from the village, in love with Sinbad (f)                                 
  • Coral - girl from the village, in love with Sinbad (f)                                            
  • Mrs Tall - Coral’s mother, small woman (f)                                
  • Mrs Small - Pearl’s mother, tall woman (f)                                             


  • Captain Crabb - Captain of the Saucy Sheila (m)            
  • Ever Ready Ed - Saucy Sheila’s First Mate (m)                
  • Barnacle Bill - can be junior (m/f)                     
  • Jellyfish Jill - can be junior (m/f)                                                
  • Oyster Ollie - can be junior (m/f)                                                                       
  • Cabin Boy - can be junior (m/f)                                                 


  • Glamourous Gloria - the Pirate Chief (f)
  • Karate Kate - First Mate on the pirate ship (f)                           
  • Deadeye McStinkie - (m/f)                   
  • Scurvy Saltwater - (m/f)                                               
  • Squidlips Sharkbait - can be junior (m/f)                                               
  • Rubycheeks Rattlebones - can be junior (m/f)                                                   
  • Pockmark Plankdancer - (m/f)                                                 
  • Fishface Tunabreath - (m/f)                                                      

Other characters:

  • The Old Man of the Sea - (m/f)                                                             
  • Crocodile Aberdeen - Australian, living on his own on the West Coast (m)                                  
  • Baz - tourist from Birmingham (m)                                                           
  • Shaz - his wife (f)                                                                                              

Chorus of Village girls and children, Humpthree - a camel (puppet)

Mrs Tall and Mrs Small only appear in scene 1 and can double as pirates or The Old Man of the Sea. The number of sailors and pirates can be reduced by giving their lines to another sailor or pirate. Only 4 pirates appear in act 2, and many of the sailors also are not written into act 2. This allows for junior actors to go home early, or the parts to be written out. Every Ready Ed can be written out of Act 2 allowing him to double as Baz or Crocodile Aberdeen if necessary.

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