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Best Of Enemies

    by Ron Nicol

Drama Play Script: 'Best Of Enemies' by Ron Nicol


The sequel to ‘Friends and Neighbours’, the play opens with a replay of the stabbing of Rab which led to Fraser’s imprisonment. Bugs describes the background and the gang led by Fraser which targeted immigrants to the city. Lexy encounters Bugs and they discuss what happened. When Bugs leaves, Lexy describes her own background and what’s happened to her since, recalling the first meeting of her ex-boyfriend Rab with Delia, a newcomer to the city. This event is re-enacted, after which Rab accuses Delia of being the reason for his stabbing, because she encouraged him to leave the gang. They part angrily.

Lexy accosts Delia. On accusing her of coming from a privileged family, she’s surprised to find that Delia came from a poor background. Lexy suggests that Delia’s opinionated views contributed to the eventual stabbing, and Delia reveals that being treated by local people as ‘different’ led to her confrontational attitude. They part in anger.

Fraser returns to the city, having escaped from a prison work party. He bullies Bugs, who explains the current situation, and when Fraser wants to find Lexy, Bugs begs him to leave her alone. When Fraser leaves, Bugs tells Lexy what had happened. She decides she must warn Delia that Fraser might be looking for her. Bugs leaves to look for Delia, but Fraser finds Lexy on her own and drags her off.

Bugs finds Rab and asks for his help, but Rab doesn’t want to know, explaining his reasons for not wanting to get involved.

Lexy has been assaulted by Fraser. She confesses to Rab and Delia that the whole situation had been her fault. Rab refuses to become involved.

Fraser finds Delia and Lexy and threatens them, but when Delia activates her personal alarm, he runs off. Lexy reveals to Bugs that her grandfather was an immigrant, just as Fraser returns. Bugs defends himself with a knife, but when Lexy steps between Rab and Bugs to separate them, she’s accidentally stabbed.


45 mins approx


(3m, 2f)

  • Fraser - one-time leader of an inner-city gang
  • Bugs - formerly his loyal supporter
  • Lexy - Rab’s former girlfriend
  • Rab - former member of the gang
  • Delia - newcomer to the area

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