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The Fictional Five And The Mummy's Curse

    by Simon Rayner Davis



Sarah, Harriet, Lucinda, Roland and Teddy, the Fictional Five, are all enjoying a fab, super, spiffing trip when their horses are attacked in the middle of the Transylvanian Forest by a strange looking wolf man, and they have to seek refuge in the House of Wendy.

But this is no fun place, as the Fictional Five are about to find out.  It is a horror house owned by Count Dwakula and run by a cursing Mummy, who are hosting Herr Stinkinstein’s monster wedding later the same evening in the Great Laboratory. 

However, on arrival our eponymous heroes are mistaken for actual shepherds that Cookie is looking to bake in her wholly authentic shepherd’s pie, in addition to the actual Charlottes for the similarly authentic Apple Charlotte desserts and the actual Marys she needs to make the truly authentic Bloody Mary cocktails.

Add to the mixture Messrs Burke and Hare from the ‘Death to Door Delivery Store’ along with an increasingly hairy Dr Jekyll, and a pair of complete idiots Splott and Twonk, who are the major cause of Mummy’s cursing, and you have all the ingredients of a ripping, gripping, and very funny yarn of a spoof version of Enid Blyton's Famous Five series.


40 mins approx


(8m, 6f, 7m/f doubling possible)

  • Sarah - the fab one of the Fictional Five (f)
  • Harriet - the super one of the Fictional Five (f)
  • Lucinda - the spiffing one of the Fictional Five (f)
  • Roland - the only boy of the Fictional Five (m)
  • Tree 1 - a Transylvanian tree (m/f)
  • Tree 2 - a Transylvanian tree (m/f)
  • Tree 3 - a Transylvanian tree (m/f)
  • Tree 4 - a Transylvanian tree (m/f)
  • Wolfie - a wolf man (m)
  • Dr Jekyll - an increasingly hairy person (m)
  • Mummy - a cursing Mummy (f)
  • Herr Stinkinstein - a stinking German creator (m)
  • Splott - an idiot (m/f)
  • Twonk - a complete idiot (m/f)
  • Cookie - a cook with a difference (m/f)
  • Burke - a delivery man (m)
  • Hare - another delivery man (m)
  • Count Dwakula - a wather evil vampire (m)
  • Amnesia - a vampiress (f)
  • Herr Stinkinmonster - a stinkin monster (m)
  • Frau Stinkinmonster - a stinkin monstress (f)

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