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Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 1)

Short Play Scripts: 'Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 1)'

Twenty ten minute scripts for small casts, by various playwrights.

  • Hi Santa, Remember Me? by Trevor Suthers
  • Menage a Trois (1000 ft) by David Evans
  • The Lady And The Tyger by Trace Crawford
  • Anger Management For Dogs by Rupert Haigh
  • Merger Talks by Tom Jensen
  • Set Piece by Richard Cook
  • Body Language by Simon Birkbeck
  • Anniversary by David Miller
  • After The Ball by Maggie Stevens
  • I Know What You're Thinking by Derek Webb
  • Going All The Way by Tony Cottrell
  • Chilled Wine by Dorothy Lambert
  • Raise It Like Ryan by Mandy Bannon
  • A Stiff Drink by Rosey Darbishire
  • A Good Send Off by Steve Lambert
  • Bon Apetit by Mya Roberts
  • Where Dreams Are Made by Alison Shelton
  • Hereafter by Nicholas taylor
  • Nun Break by Neil Walden
  • The Pub Play by Doc Watson

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