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Drama (Contemporary)

'Emerald' - a gorgeous Irish-American musical


by Chris Burgess and Denise Wright

Winner : S&S Award 2012
: 4m, 4f   Support : 4m, 5f

Grace abandons her life in Manhattan and moves to the secluded seaside town of Ennismuck in the West of Ireland. However, as soon as she arrives she clashes with a mining corporation buying up properties and decimating the land. Grace campaigns to save Ennismuck, and starts a prickly relationship with truculent local artist, Mulcahy. Both ventures prove to be perilous. But Grace manages to topple the mining company's monopoly, and, eventually, thaw Mulcahy’s frozen heart. By the end of the story she has arrived at a place she can truly call home. ‘Emerald’ is about the search for home. An ambitious large-scale show, it has an ensemble that could consist of an entire Irish village. It is set in the present day, but in the backwaters of Ireland, so although it is contemporary it has strong links with an ancient past. The Irish-American score is lyrical and passionately rhythmic.

This musical has been through a number of development stages in Seattle, Los Angeles and London (twice). The book and score are well-honed, and it is now looking for a sympathetic producer.

'Hooked' - a hard-hitting musical


by Max Kinnings, Matthew James and Nick Hale

Principals : 2m, 2f   Support : 2f
This hard-hitting story is about a man going off the rails at the mercy of a mass of addictions. Ben is hooked on alcohol, cocaine and sex and it turns his world upside down. Under pressure to be successful from his wife, Emma, Ben throws himself into his work. Working late in media-land he gets drawn into an intoxicating world of thrill-seeking. Stoked up on success, coke, champagne, hookers and hangers-on, he starts to think he's invincible and steadily loses touch with his own identity. In the process, he ruins a business and the lives of the two very different women that have fallen for him.

Currently written as a 60 minute one act production, but much of the two act version has been prepared.