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Writers (C-D)

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Cafarella, Jane e-baby Play (Drama) 2
  Supersnout Play (Absurd) 1

Casling, Tom Alter Ego Play (Comedy) 2
  An Honourable Life Play (Drama) 2
  Children Of The Revolution Play (Drama) 1
  Daughters Of Eve Play (Drama)  2 
  Do We Know His Parents? Play (Drama)  1 
  Frozen Assets Play (Comedy) 2
  Grandad Play (Comedy) 2
  Hell Hath No Fury Play (Drama)  1 
  In Sickness And In Health Play (Drama)  1 
  Jumpers Play (Drama)  1 
  Parent's Evening Play (Comedy)  1 
  Sanctuary Play (Drama)  1 
  Seasons In The Sun Play (Drama) 1
  The Artful Lodger Play (Comedy)  2 
  The Day Out Play (Comedy) 2
  The Loft Play (Drama) 2
  The Problem With Fathers Play (Drama)  2 
  Tipp The Taxi Driver Play (Comedy) 2

Challenger, David Choices Play (Drama) 2
  Father's Funeral Play (Comedy) 2
  Secrets, Lies & Blackmail Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Watching The Clock Play (Drama) 1
  Welcome To The NHS Play (Comedy) 2
Challenger, David & Watts, Adam The Last Post Play (Comedy) 2

Chambers, Chris The Seagull (Chekov, a modern adaptation) Play (Drama) 2
Chambers, Chris & Rapps, Andy Gulliver's Travels Musical 2

Christie, Craig & Patterson, Andrew Do Or Die Musical 2
  The White Rose Musical 2
Christie, Craig The White Rose Play (Drama)

Clark, Bev A Life Unspoken Play (Drama) 1
  After The Dream Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Baggage Play (Drama) 1
  Bentley: Road To Justice Play (Drama) 1
  Jessie's Tree Play (Young Cast) 1
  Make Me Invisible Play (Young Cast) 1
  Remembrance Day Play (Drama) 1
  Room No. 5 Play (Thriller/Mystery) 1
  Running Out Of Time Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  S.P.A.C.E. Play (Comedy) 1
  The Black Eyes Play (Young Cast) 1
  The Ghost Crib Play (Drama) 1
  When The Dark Sea Cries Play (Drama) 1
  Where's Alice? Play (Comedy) 2
Clark Bev & Hill, Keith RIP Mr Shakespeare Play (Comedy) 1

Clarke, Les A Run Of Bad Luck Play (Comedy) 1
  Green Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  I'm Still The Same Person Inside Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Joined Play (Comedy) 2
  Sinking Play (Comedy) 1
  Sticky Play (Youth Drama) 1
  The People That Live In Boxes Play (Drama) 1
  The Reluctant Witnesses Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Tommo And Me Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Too Old To Climb Trees Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Watching The Magpies Play (Drama) 1
  Whatever Happed To Billy Bignall? Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  You're In Room Eight Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Colclough, Adam Answer Play (Drama) 1
  One, Two... TREE Play (Drama) 1
  There's Nobody At The Door Play (Drama) 1

Cook, Ian & Newton, Ian The Best Man Musical 2
  The Reunion Musical 2

Cort, Martin Death On The Doorstep Play (Drama) 2

Crawshaw, Tom Play On Words PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama) 1
  Reverie Play (Drama) 1

Cronshaw, Bill Dancing With Auntie Play (Black Comedy) 1 or 2
  Free And Easy Jukebox Musical 2
  I'll Be Bert Play (Drama) 1 or 2

Cross, Adrian & Haynes, Simon Rock Apocalypse Musical 2

Currie, Nigel Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Sherlock Holmes: the panto Pantomime 2
  (not quite) The Three Musketeers Pantomime 2

Darby, Bryan Gold, Frankincense And Murder Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Something To Hide Play (Comedy) 1
  Three-Quarter Moon    

Davis, Joy Puss In Boots Pantomime 2
  Rapunzel Pantomime 2
  Rumpelstiltskin Pantomime 2
  The Secret Play (Young Cast) 1

Davis, Simon Rayner Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Pantomime  2
  Dick Whittington Pantomime  1
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime  2
  Licensed To Thrill Play (Comedy)   1 
  Sherlock Holmes And The Poison Pen Letter Play (Comedy)  1
  Sinbad And The Magical Mystery (Davis) Pantomime  
  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Davis) Pantomime  
  The Fictional Five And The Mummy's Curse Play (Young Cast) 1
  The Lucky Strike Play (Young Cast) 1

Dobson, Liz Such A Blessing Play (Drama) 1
  Walk A Mile In My Shoes Play (Drama) 1

Donohue, Darren A Bucket Full Of Fire Play (Absurd) 1
  Dayshift Play (Absurd) 1
  Revelations Play (Absurd) 1
  The Bird Trap Play (Absurd Comedy) 1
  Voices In The Rubble Play (Absurd) 1
  Waitin 4 Johno Play (Absurd Comedy)  1 

Dunn, Kate & Dolan-Smith, Karen Alice In Wonderland Pantomime  2
  Beauty And The Beast Pantomime  2
  Rapunzel Pantomime  2

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