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Monologues & One Person Shows

5-10 Minutes


None, although some of our Short Play collections contain monologues

20-35 Minutes

Monologues: 'Ladies On The Costa' by Lindy Mcnaughton Jordan

Ladies On The Costa by Lindy McNaughton Jordan

(1f) apx 20 mins each
A compelling series of 12 monologues telling the amusing, acerbic and utterly absorbing stories of the lives of twelve female ex-pats living in Spain, each with a diffferent reason for emigrating there.


A Bit Of A Do by Tony Layton

(1f) 25 mins
Maggie is happily settled into her life. Settled with husband, Harry; settled into their comfortable house in a small cul-de-sac; settled with her circle of friends and settled with her high standards of behaviour. When something unsettling though happens to one of her friends, the effect of it builds up a tidal wave around her which smashes through her comfy existence, destroying it forever.


A Woman Of Uncertain Age by Maggie Dealey

 Winner - Best New Writing, Buxton Festival Fringe : 2003
(1f) apx 35 mins
Ruth is in her forties. She travels with baby Eve, a slowly dwindling mountain of baggage and a distinct lack of self-esteem on a somewhat fraught train journey to see her grown-up son. We hear the story of Eve through Ruth’s inner thoughts and outer utterances in this bitter-sweet comedy of lost love and lost luggage.


Once An Actress by Tony Layton

(1f) 30 mins
Bored with her factory job, Sara attends an audition and is amazed when she gets a part. Through this catalyst she attends drama school and afterwards lands an acting job touring Welsh schools, both of which provide her with valuable new life skills. Her bubble is burst though, when she gets no more acting jobs and has to retrun to the factory. A superb single-hander for a competent actress.


Singles Night by Jill Woods

(1m x 2; 1f x 2) 20-35 mins
Four monologues in a collection - two for male actors and two for female actors.

 Over 35 Minutes

Comedy Play: 'Ancient And Modern' by Martin Roche

Ancient And Modern by Martin Roche

(1f) 40 mins, COMEDY
Stella is now of an age whereby she realises she is from a different age. Opinionated, unforgiving, exacting, even gently and unwittingly xenophobic. She is a woman of routines, of rituals, of standards. And now, on Christmas Eve, forced by circumstances, surrounded by recollections and shadows and conditioned by expectations, the extremes of her ancient and modern worlds gently collide with humour, sincerity and a wholly unexpected personal revelation.

I'll Be Bert by Bill Cronshaw

(1m) 60-65 mins DRAMA (Two Act split possible)
A one man play telling the true story of Bert Trautmann, the ex-German paratrooper, who went on to play for Manchester City as goalkeeper, and who famously broke his neck but carried on playing, in the 1956 Cup Final. This incongruous tale is lovingly recounted by the Actor as the various incidents and accidents take place to Bert Trautmann in his rise to footballing fame.

Comedy Play: 'Last Bus To Whitby' by Martin Roche

Last Bus To Whitby by Martin Roche

(1m) 40 mins COMEDY
‘Big Al’ is taking a bus journey to Whitby, a journey he has waited his whole life to take. A play about resonance and honesty with oneself; about finding peace. It explores in a gentle, funny, innocent, sincere and bygone way, how happiness and self-fulfilment do not, for some, require other people or wealth to make them a reality. They just need a bus ticket.
Play Script: 'The Ghost Of William Shakespeare' by Den Stevenson

The Ghost Of William Shakespeare by Den Stevenson

(1m) 35-40 mins DRAMA
William Shakespeare returns in spirit to tell the story of his life, his rise to fame, the wife he married, his life in London, his mistress, and his last few moments on this mortal coil upon which he trod, leaving future generations around the globe unparalleled works from his unequalled quilled hand of genius! A beautiful and poetical soliloquy filled with Shakespeare’s words combined to tell the story of Stratford’s most famous son.