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Old Father Time

    by Doreen Moger

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Panto Script: 'Old Father Time'Synopsis

In the Kingdom of Summertime preparations are in hand for the bringing in of the New Year, and Mr Timepiece the castle clock-keeper is there to make sure all goes to plan.

However, Old Father Time is refusing to leave and so make way for Baby New Year's arrival. This could spell disaster and to make matters worse, to cement his position, with the aid of his dim henchpersons, Tik and Tok, he plans to steal the pendulum from the World Clock that controls time for everybody, unless his demands are met.

Meanwhile Mark Time has fallen in love with Princess Joyful, but because he's a commoner (and Dame Beatty Time's son) King Happy won't allow their marriage until he becomes nobility.

Needless to say the pendulum is duly removed by OFT which sets off a chase around the world to find him and return it to the castle before 2359 on December 31st! Off to sea on the SS Millennium go Dame Beatty, Mark and Joyful, 'assisted' by the daffy but lovable Percy Part-Timer and the 'poachers-turned-gamekeepers' Tik and Tok. The first stop is Neptune's undersea world where they learn that their quest must take them on to The Island Of Eternal Darkness.

Will our heroes save the day and retrieve the pendulum? Will Mark Time be sufficiently daring and dashing to get knighted? These, and other questions you never thought to ask, will be resolved most happily, when the pendulum is finally placed back into the World Clock, and the New Year party takes place on time.


(6m, 4f, 6m/f)

Principals(4m, 3f, 3m/f)

  • King Happy – the King of Summertime, a mature, jovial character (m).
  • Queen Merry - His wife, of an age to match King Happy, pleasant, loving person, singer (f).
  • Princess Joyful - their lovely daughter, the Principal Girl, young, attractive, modern fun-loving, singer (f).
  • Dame Beatty Time - The Palace Housekeeper, a typical Panto Dame, boisterous, noisy, funny (m).
  • Mark Time - her son, landlord of ‘The Watchmaker's Arms’, of an age to match Joyful, happy-go-lucky, singer (m/f).
  • Percy Part-Timer - he's not all there! A loveable fool (m).
  • Old Father Time - a wicked old man, the evil character, old.and sinister, dominates the stage (m).
  • Fairy Fobwatch - a good fairy, sweet and kind with a sense of humour (f).
  • Tik - a clot, thinks he/she is a hardened gangster, daft (but doesn’t know it), some singing (m/f).
  • Tok - another clot, thinks he/she is a hardened gangster, daft (but not as much as Tik), some singing (m/f).
  • Mr Timepiece - the Castle Clock Keeper, aristocratic servant, refined and gentle, loves Beatty, kindly character (m).

Support (2m, 1f, 3m/f).

  • Captain Dogwatch - Captain of the SS Millenium, an old sea salt, mature, character actor, small part (m).
  • Neptune – King of the sea, large jovial character, big voice, one scene only (m).
  • Queen Balihi - Queen of the Island of Everlasting Darkness, good natured, fairly modern queen, mature or young, one scene only (f).
  • Tour Guide - strident, line only (m/f).
  • Film Director - strident, line only (m/f).
  • Baby New Year - toddler, walk-on part only, as young as possible (m/f).

       Chorus of Villagers, Barmaids/men, Sailors, Islanders, Mermaids, children, animals.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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