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Privacy Policy

Your Information

We take the privacy of our users and customers very seriously. Your personal information collected, from whatever source, is only ever divulged outside of Stagescripts Ltd to a very small group of individuals, companies and organisations. This small group comprises: the contracted client writers of Stagescripts Ltd, organisations contracted to Stagescripts Ltd that are acting for their own client writers, and those service companies or individuals that Stagescripts Ltd has a contractual agreement with to supply it with operational services.

Below, the use of the word ‘we’ (or ‘our’) means Stagescripts Ltd and its partner companies and partner individuals. The word ‘you’ (or your’) means any person representing a company, an educational establishment, or a formally constituted community organisation.

We trade with you on the basis that all communication and transactions are ‘business-to-business’ within the professional or non-professional theatre industry even if the personal data we hold for you is home-based rather than business-premises-based. We do not knowingly trade with members of the general public.

Data Collection

A number of data sources supply us with your personal data. These are:-

  • your orders at our website / e-commerce store (Supplier: Big Commerce)
  • your requests for royalty quotations (Suppliers: Cognito and G-Mail)
  • your payments and other financial transactions (Suppliers: Wise, Stripe and Barclays Bank Ltd)
  • your enquiry e-mails to us (Supplier: G-Mail)
  • your requests to join our mailing list (Supplier: Mailchimp)
  • your mailed in orders and requests with cheques or bank transfer payment (Quickbooks Online)
  • your orders taken during a telephone call to our office (Quickbooks Online)

Some of these data sources are configured to send your personal data to a separate system either automatically or during a transactional process. These are:-

  • Big Commerce (sends data to Mailchimp)
  • Big Commerce (sends data to Klaviyo)
  • Big Commerce (sends data to Google Analytics)
  • Big Commerce (sends data to Stripe)
  • Big Commerce (sends data to Royal Mail)
  • Mailchimp (sends data to Klaviyo)
  • Cognito (sends data to G-Mail)
  • Wise (sends to G-Mail)

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

For our sales and licensing operation to provide the service(s) you request we need to collect these elements of your personal data:-

  • your e-mail address
  • your street address
  • your full name
  • your telephone number
  • the role you play in the organisation you represent

Where you interact directly with one of our service suppliers having been connected to them by our website they may ask for additional information in order to complete the activity you have requested. This applies particularly to financial transactions where your bank or credit/debit details will be requested. Please note that all of our financial service suppliers (Stripe, Wise and Barclays Bank Ltd) maintain that additional information in absolute secrecy. Your bank or full credit/debit details are never shared with us at Stagescripts Ltd.

When Do We Collect Your Personal Data?

We may collect all or part of this data:-

  • when you visit our website ( and place an order or create an account there
  • when you visit our website ( and request a royalties quotation
  • when you send an e-mail enquiry to
  • when you sign up manually to our e-mail distribution service
  • when you place an order during a telephone call to our offices

Where you provide us with your personal details and/or your bank or credit/debit details during a telephone call we record those details in a log book from which we manually enter the details on your behalf into the website of one of our financial service suppliers in order to collect payment.

Use of Personal Data Collected

By entering your personal data on our website, or on any of the websites or services provided by our suppliers above, or by providing your personal data to Stagescripts Ltd in person, in a telephone call, or in an email, you agree that Stagescripts Ltd may store the information you provide in a computer software database and that:-

a) we can use your name, e-mail address and/or your street address and/or your telephone number for contractual purposes in order to:-

  • collect payment from you, where, as part of the checkout process, Stagescripts Ltd sends this data on your behalf to a service supplier's website via a data link as a precursor to you completing the transaction (Suppliers: Wise and Stripe)
  • prepare invoices and sales receipts for offline or telephone orders received, or for online orders paid by bank transfer (Quickbooks Online)
  • deliver any quotations or non-physical items ordered using the services of our IT partners (Suppliers: BigCommerce and G-Mail)
  • deliver any physical items ordered using the services of our delivery partners who ask us for this information (Suppliers: Royal Mail)

b) we can use your e-mail address and Forename for informational purposes in order to:-

  • send you information, in the form of an e-mailed newsletter or similar, regarding new titles or other services that we may wish to inform you about (Supplier: Mailchimp)
  • supply your e-mail address to the writer (or writing team) who is contracted to Stagescripts Ltd or to organisations contracted to Stagescripts Ltd that are acting for their own client writers, and who has written the title you have been licensed to produce (Supplier: Gmail)

c) we can use your e-mail address and/or your street address provided during the ordering or licensing process as part of a statutory requirement for Stagescripts Ltd to report aggregated financial data and other data to Companies House and HMRC. (Quickbooks Online)

How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Data

Given that your involvement with theatre is generally either a long term leisure activity or your career choice Stagescripts Ltd believes that the vast majority of its customers will be happy to be advised for many years about new titles being added to our catalogue as well as other aspects of our operations that relate to the theatre.

We will therefore retain all the personal data set out above for an indefinite period. The exception to this is where we collect your bank or credit/debit details during a telephone call. This personal data is kept for a period of three months in a printed format, after which the data is destroyed.

In the event that you become no longer interested in its services Stagescripts Ltd will, on request, remove your details from those databases that it has control over It cannot however request removal of your personal data from our financial services suppliers to whom customers should make a separate request.

The data retention periods for those of our service suppliers where Stagescripts does not have access to amend or delete your personal data held should be obtained from those service suppliers. This is mostly relevant to our financial service suppliers.

Your Rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation you have certain legal rights regarding the personal data held about you by Stagescripts Ltd. In simple terms, these are:-

  • Stagescripts Ltd must tell you what personal data is being collected and stored, why it is being stored and how long it is kept for.
  • If you ask, Stagescripts must tell you what personal data it holds about you (for a fee).
  • If the data we hold for you is incorrect Stagescripts Ltd must rectify the error
  • If you ask, Stagescripts Ltd must erase your personal data
  • If you ask, Stagescripts Ltd must temporarily stop using your personal data until it and you agree either to erase the data, amend the data, or continue using the original data.
  • At the point of collecting your personal data for the first time Stagescripts Ltd must allow you the opportunity to object.

In addition to the various places on the Stagescripts Ltd website, and in e-mails sent to you, this Privacy Notice gives you all the regulatory information that we are required to provide.

Accessing And Controlling Your Personal Data

Where you have created an account on our e-commerce website you can access, download or update your information stored there at any time by logging in to your account. If you wish the account to be deleted, you should e-mail (or write to us) and request the deletion.

Where you have placed an order and checked out as a guest no personal data is retained under an account.

In both cases above, when you place an order using the checking out process, your personal details are held against that order and you cannot amend the order nor the details held against that order. We consider it to be a legitimate business practice to retain these details to service your order and to use them as a reference in the event that an enquiry is made or information is needed about that order or any associated licensing activity in the future and as part of our statutory requirement to report aggregated financial data and other data to Companies House and HMRC.

You can opt out of marketing emails by clicking the link at the bottom of each email.

Where Do We Store Your Data?

Under the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have a duty to advise you when your data is stored outside of the European Union. We currently use three suppliers whose data storage facilities are not guaranteed to be within the EU. These are:-

  • BigCommerce
  • Mailchimp
  • Google (for both e-mail and metrics)
  • Dropbox

All of these companies are certified under the EU/US Privacy Shield arrangements


Under the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the legal basis for each type of processing of your personal data must be clearly stated.

  • We use the GDPR legal basis of ‘Contract’ when responding to requests for royalty quotations and your orders for sales and licensing
  • We use the GDPR legal basis of ‘Legitimate Interest’ when either we or our writers contact you using your e-mail address or your street address with information about current productions or new titles or other related aspects of our business that we believe you would reasonably expect us to inform you about and where such contact with you has minimal privacy impact. Given that you have expressed a strong interest to us in the selection of scripts and scores for live theatrical productions, and, in order to respond with a royalties quotation or to fulfil an order placed, or an enquiry made, we need to use your personal data in a low impact manner. When we add your e-mail address to our e-mail newsletter database (Supplier: Mailchimp) we do so without your opt-in consent, although we do advise you of this action, and which we undertake in compliance with the UK’s Privacy And Electronic Communications Regulation (See ‘Consent For Electronic Marketing’ below).
  • We use the GDPR legal basis of ‘Consent’ when you manually sign up to our e-mail newsletter distribution service. (Supplier: Mailchimp)
  • We use the GDPR legal basis of ‘Legal Obligation’ when we store your personal data in order to comply with our statutory requirement to report aggregated financial data and other data to Companies House and HMRC.

Consent For Electronic Marketing

Under the UK’s Privacy And Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) we need to inform you about two aspects: Electronic Mail Marketing and Cookies.

Electronic Mail Marketing

We want to keep you informed about our range of plays, musicals and pantomimes, and about our services to theatre in general. We do this through social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for which PECR does not apply, and we also use e-mail distribution lists for which PECR does apply.

We advised you in ‘When Do We Collect Your Personal Data?' above that when you place an order with us, or request a royalties quotation, or make a general enquiry, we add your e-mail address to our database. That is allowable under GDPR because you are a customer or a prospective customer who has initiated a formal contact with Stagescripts Ltd.

In order to comply with PECR as well Stagescripts Ltd has to offer you the opportunity to easily opt out at the point of us adding your details to our database and in every marketing e-mail sent after that. Our software systems provide both of those requirements in that within approximately sixty minutes after your details are added we automatically send you an e-mail notifying you of the fact. You have the ability to opt out at that point whilst it’s fresh in your mind, or on receipt of any subsequent e-mail, using the ‘Unsubscribe’ link provided at the bottom of the e-mail received. Our supplier, Mailchimp, is a well respected, much used, worldwide supplier with a good reputation. Having unsubscribed, you may of course, re-join our mailing list at any time.

The newsletter e-mails are configured to track whether you open the e-mail or not, and also which links you click on the e-mail. Cookies (see below) are not used for these functions which we use to help us understand the way you interact with our newsletters.


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer's hard drive or mobile device by a website that contains information related to your visit. We use cookies on this website to store the contents of your shopping basket and also to remember you when you re-visit our website. No personal information is stored in the cookie (such as payment card details or your name and address) and any information stored is encrypted.

Where available, we also collect general information that you have made available to the public internet domain about your age, interests and gender, but this information is never associated with any specific personal information that you may enter into our website. This demographic information is collected by Google and is made available to us by that company as aggregated data reports.

We also use other cookies which enable the use of Google Analytics on our website. This software enables us to monitor the number of visitors to our website and how they found us, browser usage and other related statistics. None of these cookies store confidential information and the information collected assists us in improving your website experience and allows us make our marketing more relevant.

Data Controller

The Data Controller at Stagescripts Ltd is the Managing Director who is the person responsible for determining the purpose and the means of processing your personal data and is able to demonstrate compliance with GDPR and PECR.

If you believe that Stagescripts Ltd has improperly used your personal data, or (for a fee) you wish to be advised of the personal data that Stagescripts Ltd holds about you, please contact

Revision C, October 2023