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Robinson Crusoe

    by Richard Hills

Panto Script: 'Robinson Crusoe' by Richard Hills


A new version of this traditional Pantomime. 

Robinson finds a map of buried treasure in a bottle and sets sail on his adventures. He is opposed by the Old Man of the Sea, and a wicked Sea Captain.
The Fairy of the Severn Seas is on hand to see fair play and keeps an eye on our hero until all is resolved. 
Lots of visual humour, songs and audience participation.


8m, 4f, 1m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (8m, 4f)

  • Old Man Of The Sea : nasty, wants to obtain the treasure for himself
  • Fairy Of The Seven Seas : a helpful 'fairy queen' type, opposes the Old Man
  • Mrs Crusoe : a traditional Dame who 'gets her man'
  • Silly Billy : younger son of Mrs Crusoe
  • Robinson Crusoe : hero and Principal Boy
  • Polly Perkins : girlfriend of Robinson Crusoe and Principal Girl
  • Topsy Tervey : Billy's girlfriend, determined to take care of him
  • Will Atkins : Captain of The Saucy Sal, a nasty who reforms under Mrs Crusoe's watchful eye
  • Jolly Roger : an accident-prone robber, unconscious most of the time
  • Doleful Debbie : Roger's girlfriend, who causes a lot of accidents, likes catching chickens
  • Witch Doctor : a fearsome cannibal (m)
  • Man Friday : rescued by Robinson from the Witch Doctor, become a loyal friend and servant

Support (1m/f)

  • Night Watchman (m/f)

Together with a Chorus and dancers.

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