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Sleeping Beauty Goes Back To The Future

    by Jackie Staite


Panto Script: 'Sleeping Beauty Goes Back To The Future' by Jackie StaiteWhile following much of the traditional story of Sleeping Beauty, it also has many quirks and surprises.  The fairies all have original and amusing characters, the highlight being Fairy Liquid, an apprentice fairy still learning – played by a man, in pantomime tradition. This pantomime takes the audience through a cornucopia of eras, including 1950s rock ‘n roll, 1960s flower power, and – after the princess has fallen asleep – with the help of the Tardis, the Roaring Twenties and the elegant eighteenth century.

The prince and the princess meet as children in the 1950s and then again in the 1960s as young adults. When the princess pricks her finger on a record player needle and falls into a hundred years of sleep, the prince is distraught. By the time she wakes he will be “dead and buried or 118 years old and singularly unattractive”. But how can he get 100 years into the future to kiss and wake the princess? Enter the eccentric Dr What and his assistant, Question Mark, and yes, you’ve guessed it the Tardis, all set for a trip to the future. The evil Fairy Grotto, however has other plans, a plot to send the prince into the past and leave him there!

All played on one basic set, the palace throne room– revamped to show each era – this pantomime is easy to stage and delightfully different.

With lots of great parts for women, many eccentric characters the best of music and dance from many eras, magic and counter magic and an intriguing plot this is a great fun pantomime both to perform and watch.


(7m, 8f, 2m/f, 1jnr-m, 1 jnr-f)

Royalty (2m, 2f, 1jnr-m, 1 jnr-f)

  • King Cedric
  • Queen Beatrix
  • Princess Beauty (as a child)
  • Prince Michael (as a child)
  • Princess Beauty
  • Prince Michael

Servants (1m, 2m/f)

  • Roderick - Prince Michael’s equerry
  • Hogweed - a menial servant (m could double with Dick Turnip)
  • Footman - to Queen Beatrix (m/f)

Fairies (1m, 6f)

  • Fairy Bell
  • Fairy Floss
  • Fairy Ring
  • Fairy Lights
  • Fairy Cake
  • Fairy Liquid (m)
  • Fairy Grotto

From another dimension (2m)

  • Dr What (m)
  • Question Mark - his assistant (m/f)

From a different time (1m)

  • Dick Turnip - a highwayman (could double with Hogweed)
Chorus of Courtiers, Children, etc.

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