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The Paperwork Path from Preview or Perusal to Performance

  • For plays, and musicals where available, you should download a free preview script. This normally contains just over half the full version as a 'taster', allowing you to get a good feel for the scope, depth and range of the piece.
  • For musicals, but only if you live in the UK, you can use our perusal service to inspect the full set of rehearsal material (and supporting CD/DVD's) for up to three musicals. NOTE : this service is not available for plays or pantomimes.
  • Alternatively, you can make an outright purchase of a printed script or an e-script. NOTE : Some libretti are not available for purchase in single units.
  • Either from reading the perusal material or reading one of our purchased play scripts, you will hopefully decide that you like one of the titles, so you should then apply for a Royalty Quotation. NOTE : Depending on the title, we will either provide a fixed fee or variable fee quotation (called the 'Royalty Quotation & Licence Application' or RQLA).
  • For fixed fee quotes, the royalties are payable before the production.
  • For variable fee quotes a deposit is payable before the production, but the majority of the royalties are payable after the production. These are based on a percentage of your Box Office takings. (see also ‘How We Handle Applications’ For Licences To Perform’)
  • Having received an RQLA, you (hopefully) decide to go ahead with a production of the chosen title.
  • You send back the signed original of the RQLA together with the appropriate royalties cheque, or deposit cheque, or you pay these online at 'Pay Royalties' in the left side menu.
  • Where it is permissible for us to licence your production, we then despatch a Licence To Perform.
  • If you have not already purchased the appropriate scripts/scores etc, you can order these online through our store. For plays and pantos, please make sure you have bought a Script Copying Licence. For musicals, the Rehearsal Master Set is sold with a copying licence included in the price.
  • For purchases, we send you the ordered scripts etc, and for rentals of orchestrations we then wait until a few months before your first production, before we despatch the material.
  • You should return at your cost all perusal material you may have been sent.
  • For variable fee royalties we will send you a Royalty Declaration Form in the last week of your production.
  • You should submit your royalties no later than 21 days after the date of the last performance. This is a contractual condition.

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