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The Dancing Princesses

    by Norman Robbins


Panto Script: 'The Dancing Princesses' by Norman Robbins

Why are the Princesses dancing shoes always worn right through every morning even though the Princesses never leave the palace at night?  The King offers a reward to anyone who can find out what is going on.  But is it some evil that the witch Maladora has schemed up to seize the Kingdom of Entertania? 

Fairy Melody vows to defeat the witches plan.  Melody enlists the help of ex-soldier Hans.  Hans in true pantomime fashion falls in love with one of the Princesses.  There is the on/off love match between the court jester and the dame, the dim-witted knockabout layabouts, a king and queen, some princesses and of course a chorus of villagers, courtiers etc.

Eventually with the help of all these regular pantomime characters Hans manages to release the princesses from the evil spell the witch had caste upon them and happiness reigns again in Entertania. 

There are the old and new gags included with the Moses Rock gag being adapted to use without the need of soda syphons. An easy to stage pantomime, with full stage scene always followed by a lane scene.  Lighting and costume requirements are no more complicated than those of any other pantomime.  There is a list of song suggestions, but these are only for guidance, as it always best to select songs to suit both performer and situation.

By the well-known author Norman Robbins, this is a truly traditional pantomime for all the family.


(6m, 10f, 2m/f)

  • Dentifrice - Court Chamberlain (m)
  • Twinkle - Court Jester (m)
  • Maladoria - evil but glamorous witch (f)
  • Melody - Entertainia’s Fairy Guardian (f)
  • Hans - ex-soldier (m)
  • Dame Scrumptious - Royal Housekeeper (m/f)
  • Princess Rose (f)
  • Princess Poppy (f)
  • Princess Iris (f)
  • Princess Daisy (f)
  • Princess Hyacinth (f)
  • Princess Peony (f)
  • Ruff and Tumble - layabouts (m)
  • Princess Marigold - the youngest Princess (f)
  • King Tantamount the Tenth (m)
  • Queen Polyanthus (f)
  • The Creature (m/f)
Chorus of Villagers, Courtiers, Servants, Spirits, Children, etc.

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