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Frosted Junior Version

    by Warren McWilliams

Pantomime Script: 'Frosted Junior Version' by Warren McWilliams


Featuring all the best of traditional pantomime this show promises to entertain children & adults alike.

The story tells the tale of two Princesses as one struggles to come to terms with the magical powers she has been given. Can they survive the snow storm? Will they ever find true love? Or will their kingdom be taken over by a wicked Prince?

This show examines how to find out how strong the bond between sisters can be and shows they’ll stop at nothing to look after each other.

Frosted Junior has been specially adapted for a shorter running time and with more characters than the original version making it ideal for younger casts.

See also 'Frosted' the full length panto for general use.


Principals : 6m, 5f, 8m/f

  • Princess Ella - kind but conflicted, her powers give her great cause for concern and she would rather be without them, keeps herself away from others to stop any potential problems (f)
  • Princess Hannah - young, naive and full of life, incredibly excitable (f)
  • Kristian - good hearted, laid back, has a dim view on those of privilege as they haven’t had to work for all they have (m)
  • Dame Florrie - friendly nursemaid, looks out for Ella and Hannah, the ‘Dame’ character (m)
  • Prince Anders - handsome but wicked, ladies love him, space for only one thing in his heart – power (can double with Frosty) (m)
  • Duke Wesley - horrible man, thinks little of anyone but himself, space for only one thing in his heart – money (m)
  • Frosty (the Duke reborn) - lover of life, happy to be alive and determined to fill every second with fun (can double with Prince Anders) (m)
  • The Snow Fairy - enchantress, looks out for the Princesses (f)
  • Sinestra - Anders’ overprotective, over officious bodyguard (f)
  • Borrick- Anders’ overprotective, over officious bodyguard (f)
  • Token - owner of Tokens Alpine Lodge Disco Bar and Sauna, speaks with foreign accent (m)
  • Herald - court announcer, loyal to the Princesses, not a fan of the Duke (m/f)
  • Reporter 1 - reporter for the local newspaper (m/f)
  • Reporter 2 - reporter for the local newspaper (m/f)
  • Reporter 3 - reporter for the local newspaper (m/f)

Other Parts 

  • Guards 1 & 2 - Anders’ hired muscle
  • Regular 1,2 & 3
  • Sebastian
  • Young Ella
  • King & Queen - the Princesses’ parents, lost at sea in a shipwreck (non-speaking)
  • Rudolph - pantomime reindeer (non-speaking)
  • Abominable Snowman (non-speaking),
  • Young Hannah (non-speaking)
  • Duke Jasper of Joysville, Lady Lyana of Lovelyville
Together with a chorus of villagers, guards etc.

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