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    by Colin Barrow


Pantomime: 'Aladdin' by Colin Barrow

The story of Aladdin takes its usual journey of him finding the magic lamp to gain wealth and then to marry the girl of his dreams.

However, in this version there are a few added surprises including that of the laundry of Widow Twankey having to be relocated because of fire damage. The only place available is the Emperors Palace and having been told to move out of the Palace kitchen, Widow Twankey relocates her laundry in his bathroom. This creates a different laundry scene with lots of good humour, much to the annoyance of the Emperor.

As per usual Widow Twankey is looking for a man and thinks she has found him in Abanazar, but Abanazar is only using her to engage Aladdin to find the magic lamp hidden in a cave.

Through a magic spell, the Emperor and Widow Twankey fall into each other arms and love radiates between them, even if she keeps him on his toes!

Waterlily, Princess Camellia’s handmaiden, has men to the front of her mind and soon begins to make eyes at Wishee Washee. She’s a girl that knows what she wants and intends to get it! This brings some great clean humour which can be exploited as much or as little depending on your cast and audience.

All in all, the pantomime has a very funny, but fast pace, bringing a lot of audience participation and some unexpected features which separates it from other Aladdin pantomime versions.


6m, 2f, 7m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (6m, 2f, 3m/f)
  • Long Wee - a Policeman (m/f)
  • Short Wee - another Policeman (m/f)
  • Aladdin - the principal boy (m)
  • Emperor - (m)
  • Princess Camellia - the Emperors daughter and principal girl (f)
  • Waterlily - Princess Camellia’s handmaiden (f)
  • Widow Twankey - the dame (m)
  • Wishee Washee - the Widow’s ‘comic’ son (m)
  • Abanazar - the Villain (m)
  • Spirit Of The Ring - (m/f)
  • Genie Of The Lamp - (m)
Support (4m/f)
  • Mummy - has a small part in one scene (m/f)
  • Ghosts x 2 - they have a small part in one scene 2 x m/f)
  • Cat or Dog - an optional extra character to shadow the dame if you wish to incorporate an animal into the production (m/f)
A chorus of townsfolk etc

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