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Speaking Your Mind

 by Geoff Saunders

Four short plays in one collection: one duologue for two for male actors, and three monologues: one for one male actor and two for one female actor.

Short Play:'Benny's Funeral' by Geoff Saunders Benny's Funeral (1m)
Morris is a man in his sixties whose partner, Benny, died three weeks ago. The one thing Morris cannot do, he finds, is cry, though everyone around him seems to be managing to. Sitting alone in his living room, he shares with us the sometimes sad, often darkly funny, story of Benny’s funeral.
Short Play: 'Manny's Party' by Geoff Saunders Manny's Party (1f)
Cassandra is manning the door at her husband's party, and she's not happy. The guests are his odious work colleagues and he has locked himself in the study to watch the snooker. Under the influence of more and more alcohol she finds inspiration and strength, wrecks the party – and leaves for good.
nologo.jpg Under The Rainbow (1f)
Dorothy’s been a widow for fifteen years and has never entertained thoughts of re-marrying; then she receives a marriage proposal from Desmond, her late husband’s polar opposite, and her life is suddenly complicated. She likes Desmond, but he’s a dreamer. Is he to be trusted? And what strange game is her daughter playing?
nologo.jpg Watch My Lips (2m)
It’s the mid-1990s. Jeff and Mark are young men embarking on a relationship. Jeff needs to hear ‘the words’ to feel secure; he needs to know whether they are ‘boyfriends’, ‘lovers’, ‘a couple’… or what? He needs to say, and hear, "I love you". 'Watch My Lips' is a short play about love, security, happiness... and ‘the words’.

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