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Moments In Life

by David Hampshire

Moments In Life (Volume 1)

Contains four short (10 minute) plays.

  • 25 Reasons On A Quiet Day (Drama)
  • Vile Company (Comedy)
  • Visiting Frank (Drama)
  • Briefcase Encounter (Comedy)

Moments In Life (Volume 2)

Contains four short (10 minute) plays.

  • Ava Gardner (Drama)
  • Over The Top (Up) (Comedy)
  • Straight Man (Comedy)
  • Up Or Down (Comedy)

Moments In Life (Volume 3)

Contains four short (10 minute) plays.

  • The Actor And The Extra (Drama)
  • The Waitrose Wing (Comedy)
  • Happy Inside (Drama)
  • Garabini (Comedy)

Moments In Life (Bonus)

Buy all three volumes of 'Moments In Life' together as e-scripts and get a free Bonus play!
NOTE: This script is only available as a downloadable pdf

  • An Eye For An Eye (Comedy)

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