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Goldilocks And The Three Martians

    by Jackie Staite


Panto Script: 'Goldilocks And The Three Martians' by Jackie Staite

This is a delightfully different pantomime, combining the favourite, traditional elements with space-age excitement, original humour, and romance.

Dame Margery Daw has so many children she finds them hard to control – and, in any case, she has her eye on that nice, eccentric widower, Mr Merryweather. Her daughter, Goldilocks, goes for a picnic in the woods, and encounters not three bears but a spaceship. When the three Martians return to their space ship in Act 1, they do find their space cereal eaten, the spaceship controls tampered with and a broken chair!! She is inadvertently taken to Mars, where her new friend, Baby Martian, takes her to the grooviest place in the universe, The Mars Bar. Its barman, Maxibillion Megalux, mixes cocktails which can have the most amazing results!

Meanwhile, Goldilocks’ bossy sister, Polly, has found romance with the rather inept Cuthbert and Dame Marjorie Daw has found herself lumbered with two comic manservants, Archibald and Montmorency who insist upon “escorting the dear lady”. whether she wants them to or not.

Magicked to Mars by Fairy snowdrop, Goldilocks’ family heads off to rescue her, but Maxibillion’s cocktail has an extraordinary effect on Dame Marjorie while Cuthbert succumbs to the advances of Mars’s leading lady, Marzipan, (helped by a cocktail which makes men adore her for ever). Can Polly recue him in time? How can they all get back to earth? And what will become of the surprise visitor who arrives on a broomstick 

This pantomime has all the classic pantomime ingredients, romance, humour, magic, and audience participation; but it also has unusually different characters and a totally original story line.


(8m, 8f, 3jnr-m, 3jnr-f) doubling possible

Villagers (5m, 5f)

  • Margery Daw - a widow (m)
  • Polly - her daughter
  • Cuthbert - a young, upper-class stranger
  • Montmorency - Cuthbert’s manservant
  • Archibald - Cuthbert’s manservant
  • Mr Merryweather - an elderly village gentleman
  • Mother Carbuncle - the village witch
  • Goldilocks - (jnr-f)
  • Fairy Snowdrop
  • Fairy Bluebell - fairy Snowdrop’s assistant (optional jnr-f character)

Martians (3m, 6f, 1m/f)

  • Daddy Martian
  • Mummy Martian
  • Baby Martian - (jnr m/f)
  • Maxibillion Megalux - a Martian bartender
  • Marzipan - a girl at the Mars Bar
  • Caramel - a girl at the Mars Bar
  • Fondant - a girl at the Mars Bar
  • Professor Asteroid (optional male character)
  • Stella - a Martian (could double with Villager 1)
  • Venus - a Martian (could double with Villager 2)

More Villagers (2f, 2jnr-m, 2jnr-f)

  • Jack - a village child
  • Jill - a village child
  • Rosie - a village child (optional character)
  • Tommy - a village child (optional character)
  • Villager 1 (could double with Stella)
  • Villager 2 -(could double with Venus)
Other Villagers as available

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