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The Princess And The Frog

    by Warren McWilliams

Pantomime Script: 'The Princess And The Frog' by Warren McWilliams


The Princess and the Frog, is a truly interactive pantomime where the audience decide the fate of the action onstage, ensuring they see a unique show every night.

For years King Alberto’s sister, the bitter and twisted Rhinella, has plotted to take over his Kingdom. She sees her chance to ruin the marriage of his daughter, Princess Anura, to the rich and handsome Prince Adonis and springs into action. She plans to take over the Kingdom, turn the Prince into a frog and cast him out to the bog of eternal stench for eternity.

But who will replace him? The audience decide.

The show has been written to give the greatest number of outcomes yet stays manageable for cast of all ages and abilities. With countless possible outcomes this show puts control firmly in the hands of your audience ensuring they get to see they show they want.

Will Rhinella win? Who will become the Prince? And what will Stooge wear? All these answers will be decided by your audience.


4m, 4f, 3m/f

  • Princess Anura - the sweet Princess, kind hearted and caring
  • Prince Adonis - the handsome Prince of Aubria, arrogant and vain on the surface but good hearted deep down
  • King Alberto - Anura’s father, ruler of Litoria, fine upstanding man
  • Queen Rana - Anura’s mother, has a big crush on Prince Adonis
  • Dame Donna Kebab - castle cook, Anura’s friend
  • Wally the Jester -  Anura’s best friend, court jester, kids favourite, interacts most with audience
  • Rhinella - King Alberto’s evil sister, bitter, twisted and hell-bent on revenge
  • Peri - helpful and friendly sprite who has been keeping Rhinella at bay   
  • The Vicar - old, short-sighted vicar, small character part
  • Stooge - Rhinella’s disgusting and dirty dogsbody
  • Henry - Prince Adonis’ portly and rather clumsy manservant
During the interval there is an audience vote to decide if Henry or Stooge will play the SUBSTITUTE or the HERO in the second half. This means they must learn both parts though they will only end up playing one during any given performance.

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