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Aladdin And The Jealous Genie

    by Tony Edwards

A One Act Panto


Since their adventures in the magic cave where they found the Genie in the magic lamp, life has settled down for Aladdin. His mother, Widow Twanky, is still happy to run the Laundry, and Aladdin is still happy to wander around all day with his beautiful Princess Jasmine.  However, for the Genie, who now lives with them, the problem is…. there are no problems! This means he doesn’t have to use his magic anymore, which has resulted in him forgetting how to magic things! So now he is simply a worker in the Laundry.

Of course, Aladdin used to help out in the Laundry, but he has become rather lazy when it comes to doing the chores because he is so besotted with Jasmine that he spends all his time with her, so the Genie is left to do most of the work. Not only that, but the Genie is a bit jealous of Aladdin because he has such a beautiful girlfriend.

The evil Abanazer is still around and wants to marry Princess Jasmine. He finds out that the Genie is jealous and plots a way of making Jasmine agree to his proposal. He convinces the Genie that Aladdin is the problem and must be got rid of.

This the Genie tries but fails and finally confesses to Aladdin what Abanazer is up to. It is now Aladdin’s turn to hatch a plot to get rid of Abanazer. With the help of Widow Twanky, Princess Jasmine and the audience, the plan works and Abanazer is thwarted.

As a result, not only do they all agree that the daily workload should be shared fairly, but something unexpected happens that means the Genie will never be jealous again!!


One Act: 50 mins approx


Principals (2m, 1f, 3m/f)

  • Aladdin - (m/f)
  • Princess Jasmine - (f)                                                              
  • Widow Twanky - (m/f)                                                                                   
  • Abanazer - (m)                                                                                    
  • Genie - (m)
  • Humble Coolie - narrator (m/f) 


  • Chinese workers in laundry - (m/f)
  • Attendants in Mandarin’s Temple - (m/f)
  • Chinese scene changers - (m/f)

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